Can't Get Away

Stella Prinline was best friends with Liam Payne since they were born. They have always had a strong connection when they both laid eyes on each other. What happens when Stella encourages Liam to try out for the X Factor for a second try? Will they cross paths again?


2. I thought you loved me.

As we pulled into the school's parking lot, I couldn't help but notice there were a bunch of screaming girls near the entrance. Sierra and I looked at eachother with confusion. "I don't know what's going on, but this noise better not interupt the finals." Sierra nodded also. "I know! I studied too hard for this to happen!" I chuckled about how loud Sierra yelled at herself. "Sierra, you only studied for about an hour. Then, you went to go shopping." "I know, but I'm still annoyed about it."We both hopped out of the Mustang and got mobbed my the screaming girls. I lost Sierra in the crowd and started to worry. After being stepped on my girls, I found Sierra by the entrance looking perfectly fine. "Hey." "Hey? Hey! What happened to you Sierra!? I tho-" Sierra turned around and started to scream too. Oh, what is she looki- "Liam? What are you doing here?" "Hi Stel! I was gonna tell you that I had an interview before you had to leave. My girlfriend left for a photoshoot and now I'm here at your school I'm supposing? I'm doing 2 interviews in the school and the whole band is getting a tour around here." I was confused. Why did he need a tour around here? I piped up with my voice sounding a bit shaky. " Y-Yeah, this is my horrid school, but w-why do you need a tour for the school?" He chuckled lightly "Oh, it's a suprise." I was thinking what could it be? I just shook it off walking near to the double doors that entered the horiffying learning world. "Hey Liam, I need to go start my class. Will you be around after?" "I will. I just have some interviews to finish here. When do you get out Stel?" I smiled in my mind. He wanted to hangout after? Awe. "Yeah I get out in about 3 hours. It's finals week and we get out early." "Okay, do you want to hangout with the lads and I for a bit after at my rental house? You can bring your friend Sierra too." I thought for a while making it seem I have a busy schedule instead of automatically saying yes like some desperate girls do. "Hmm. I think I have nothing to do later. Sure Liam." "Great, then we'll pick you guys up later. You can call me." I got excited for a moment then I turned calm. "Okay sounds great! I can't wait to hangout like old times. Bye Liam!" It was the truth. I loved hanging out with my best friend. Just like when we're little. Ah, the memories.

Liam's POV: "C'mon babe, you need to get up for your photoshoot. You shouldn't have gone to that party." Claire wouldn't move, but I know what her weaknesses are. "We could go to Starb-" Her head shot up. "I'll be ready in 20!" I chuckled as she quickly jumped out of bed and into the bathroom. I know how much she loved her Starbucks. I know everything about Claire. How she flips her hair to the right, her favorite color was pink, her favorite animal was the Zebra, also she scrunches her nose when she's nervous. I knew it all and I loved it. Well, I loved almost all of it. The thing is, she doesn't like my fans. Claire seems to want me all to herself. She gets jealous way too easliy. I don't question it, but she is really sweet and generous when you get to know her. She came down the stairs and looked so beautiful in her chevron pink and white flowy crop-top with white ankle skinny jeans, and finally to top it off with beige sparkly sandles with a matching coach purse hanging on her shoulder. She reminded me of my old friend Stella. They both have shoulder length, naturally straight brown hair. Long beautiful legs, a tanned body, lovely hazel eyes, and a great personality. Oh how I miss my Stel. I was interrupted by Claires voice cutting me out of my thoughts. "Okay babe, ready to go! But I will text you after the photoshoot which will be 11:30." I nodded in response and got into my red convertible only having to drive about 5 minutes. We entered the cafe with only the cashier occupying the entire place. Wow, I guess it's really early. I ordered for Claire and I. Both of us wanted a iced carmel frappicino with extra whip cream and extra carmel. We took our seats and about 3 minutes of talking, I noticed 2 girls about my age walked in. One of them looked so familiar, but I couldn't put a finger on it. I looked back at Claire and she looked a bit curious as to what I was looking at. I turned to face Claire and resumed our conversation. I was still wondering where I could have possibly remembered one of those girls. Hmm. I can't think about her too much, it's and interview day! I need to be prepared. I was thinking why both the interviews were at the school all the boys and I were enrolling into for the rest of senior year after the tour. We decided to chill a bit before going back to our original homes and stay in L.A. for a bit. We need to be normal for a while so none of that 'superstar' attitude devours in any of us. I was snapped back into reality when the girl I seemed to recognize walk past, and I could smell her perfume trailing behind. Woah, it couldn't be. I smelt Japanese Rose Bloom. And a thought occured to me. Stella Ann Prinline's favorite and only perfume she ever owned since I remember. The girl stopped and turned to face the news that was just turning on. And it was about us, One Direction. Uh oh. This couldn't be good at all. If she is just one of those fans that tweet everything and anything about us then I'm toast, burnt to a crisp. She just stared blankly until the news turned into a commercial and turned to look at me after Claire's ring slipped off and fell. Claire bent down and the girl and I locked gazes until Claire popped right back up. She noticed the other girl and I staring at eachother and decided to make her jealous by getting up and hooking her arm with mine and held tight. Right in front of the other girl. "C'mon Liam, it's just another fan. Let's go." I didn't move a muscle. I realized who it was now. It was my Stella! "Stel?" I said nervously. She nodded. I instantly let go of Claire an ran up to Stella wrapping my arms around her and spun in circles like they do in the movies. Cheesy, I know, but it was a moment to cherish. "You look great Stel! I missed you so much!" I engulfed her into a hug again only to be releasing hearing a throat being cleared right away. It was Claire. Typical of her in these situations. "Oh, Claire, this is Stella. My best friend." I felt proud saying it. I have no idea why though. I could see relief washing over Claire's face and started being her happy-self again. "I'm sorry. I was a bit confused. Anyways, hi Stella." She brought Stella into a tight hug. "Hi Claire." Then, I spaced out for a moment. I caught up to what they were saying. "Right. Sorry Liam, but I have to go." I felt sad for a moment and realized we could catch up later. "That's fine Stella! But before you go want my number? So we can stay in touch? I changed it due to the fans calling my old one." We simply exchanged numbers and she left with her friend Sierra. I noticed she is really fit compared to the 'old' Stella's body. Don't get me wrong, she looked good back in the days, but she looked even greater today. I was thinking was I still in love with my highschool sweetheart? I have a girlfriend! I can't like Stella while I have Claire! I asked myself a question. Did I really love Claire? I shook it off and Claire took off in the car for the photoshoot. I probably wasn't listening, but I'm pretty sure she left for the shoot. But I didn't bring the backup car. Oh! I'll call the lads to pick me up on their way to the school! They picked me up and we arrived and almost drove over the crazy fans! Fans were everywhere screaming 'One Direction' over and over again. Oops, I forgot I was famous. We got to the front and Paul and the rest of us hopped out of the Rover. After some signatures, I thought I saw a furious Stella and Sierra. I slightly chuckled to myself on how I remember how Stella got heated easily. Sierra made it to the front and I couldn't see Stella anymore. Until she came into view after a couple of shoves from what it looks like, and stumbled towards Sierra. Her friend Sierra sent a loud ear spliting shriek to everybody's noise fillers when she noticed the complete One Direction standing before her. Stella noticed too and turned to face me and spoke. "Liam? What are you doing here?" I explained everything to her except that we'd be attending her school. What? I wanted it to be suprise. Eventually, we would meet again after she takes her finals. Cannot wait! Stella and Sierra and the rest of us were going to take a few interviews. The interviewer had the usual questions, but one caught my attention. "So, have any of you boys reunited to any long-lost friends lately?" That was an interesting question to ask. The boys shook their head in unison except for me. "Actually, I have." "Oh, who might that be?" "My old friend Stella. We used to be the best of friends, and then I went on the X Factor,  and now I have found her again." "You must've had a great encounter for you to be blushing. Do we need to know anything about this certain Stella my dear boy?" I had caught myself blushing which made me blush even more. "Um, no sir." And with that the interview ended leading us into another interview which had the same questions as the last. I then remembered that Claire would text me around 11:30; what time is it? Whoa, noon already? I know something is definately up because Claire always texts me when she said she would. Oh! the tracking device I set on her phone! What? I'm not weird! I just track her when she's drunk at a party and I pick her up when she takes too long to call. I quickly pressed the tracking app and waited to see where she was at. Something unfamiliar popped up. "A different address? No, she must be visiting a friend." The lads must've over heard me because they came into my self conversation. "What are you talking about?" They all said in unison. "I'm not sure. I just tracked Claire and she's at this unfamiliar address." "Here, maybe you should call her." "Good idea! She always answers her phone when I call." I dialed her number and patiently waited. I was getting frustrated because after the 7 ring, you could hear something breathing heavily in the backround. The boys looked at me like something was wrong. "What? Maybe it's something else. We could be wrong." "Or we could find her and see what's up." Harry suggested. The boys and I looked at eachother and nodded. I jogged to the Range Rover being closely followed by the boys. Louis started the car and drove to the address from my phone. We shortly arrived at a two story house in a secluded neighborhood. I jumped out of the car and ran to the door. Then, I knocked for what seemed like 8 minutes until the door swung open showing a maid behind the screen door. "Who are you?" "I'm Liam from One Direction. Is there a girl named Claire here?" She slowly nodded and opened the door. "Come, right this way." We walked through a kitchen and stopped at the (what it apppeared to be) master bedroom. The maid knocked and I heard an manly british accent coming from the other side. "Coming! I'll open the door in 3 minutes wait a bit!" The maid nodded to me and left. While I waited, I heard loud moans from a girl and boy. I couldn't wait. I opened the door and I spotted a head of hair bobbing up and down laying on the couch with a naked body. "CLAIRE?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! She quickly jumped up revealing a naked boy's body. "What are you doing here Liam? I was gonna te-" "Save it Claire, I thought you loved me! Who is this?" "Oh, Hello lad. My mouth dropped. "Are you kidding me?! Him?! You?!"

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