Can't Get Away

Stella Prinline was best friends with Liam Payne since they were born. They have always had a strong connection when they both laid eyes on each other. What happens when Stella encourages Liam to try out for the X Factor for a second try? Will they cross paths again?


1. Finals Week and Liam?

*Flashback* "Please don't forget about me. I'm going to miss you so much. Stay in touch okay?" It was the second week of bootcamp for Liam and the third week was coming up soon. They had to travel somewhere to get more focused and get serious training. "How could I ever forget you Stel?" I simply shrugged while tears threatened to spill. Liam obviously noticed and engulfed me in one of his warm and tight hugs. "If I ever get far, I will try my hardest to contact you in any way if I have time, okay?" I was thinking of different scenarios in my head of how this would work out if Liam did make it. Man, were there so many of them too. Good and bad... but mostly bad. I was snapped out of my train of thought to the voice of my beloved Liam. "I promise." I smiled nervously. "And I promise to pick up!" We bursted into fits of laughter knowing I rarely answer my phone or my computer. My smile faded when I heard the dreadful sentence I wouldn't have wanted to hear so soon. "Okay, sad to say ladies and gentlemen, families and friends, we need to depart to Florida! Let's get a move on. Get your plane tickets ready for Florida, contestants." I frowned upon the words that had been spoken just seconds before. I knew Liam felt guilty. He knows I don't have much friends and now he's truly guilty for leaving me. But I know this is his dream. It's the right thing to do. It's the best for him. I reasurringly nodded while I let go of his gripping hug on que to say it was okay for him to go now. I have no idea how this will work out because I secretly love him. I don't know how he feels about me, but I love him from the bottom of my heart. My dream of having Liam was smashed into little bits and pieces. And sadly, so was my heart. I thought to myself. Maybe fate will bring us together if we were meant for each other. *End of Flashback* "Come on Stel wake up! We need to get to the campus before class starts!" I sighed. "Okay, fine Sierra! Can we go to Starbucks first though? I'm a bit tired and need something to boost my energy." Sierra nodded quickly and left my room so I could get ready. I hopped out of bed and walked to the bathroom. I stripped into my birthday suit and walked into the shower. I decided to have a hot, relaxing shower because I can wash all the stress away. I've been studying since last month for finals. I needed a scholarship to attend the L.A.'s Performing Arts Academy, I was born to act. I used to perform in all the plays in elementry, middle school, and part of highschool. I eventually stopped in my sophmore year knowing I needed to concentrate more on tests and homework. So now I was overwhelmed of how much I studied my brain started to hurt. I just let the thought flow into the back of my mind while I washed the sweat and hard work 'dirt' that dried in my hair. I finished and jumped out of the shower like a ninja to quickly retreive the towel before the cold air came in contact with my body. I opened the door connecting to my bedroom and walked to my quite large, closet. I scanned my wardrob only to end up wearing a light pink knitted sweater, cream-colored jeggings, and my studded cream sandles. I curled my brown, shoulder length hair. I also applied a light coat of mascara and light pink lip gloss. I brought my straight bangs and flipped them to the back of my head and pinned them with a  big, light pink lace bow. I swung my rainbow tie dye Jansport backpack over my shoulder and walked out of my room. I saw Sierra sit in the living room with her face in her phone waiting for me. I decided to take advantage of this. I crept up behind her. "Let's go!" I screamed in her ear. She jumped up startled, and fell right on her bum ending with a yelp. "Stella Ann Prinline! I think I bruised my bum thanks to you!" I tried to hold in my squeals and giggles while she kept blabbing on and on about how much her bum hurt. "Okay, I think we should leave now." Sierra said exhaustingly. We hopped into our blue Mustang and arrived to Starbucks within minutes. Right as I walked in the place seemed empty except for a couple sitting in the back near the lou. Sierrra and I walked up to the counter and said, "I would like to have a grande vanilla bean frap with a pump of rasberry!" in unison which brought us to laugh hard until our stomachs started to ache. The cashier looked rather puzzed at our order, nodded, and went to work. We got a table and received our drinks. We had about 20 minutes to get to school, but the school is about 3 minutes away from Starbucks so Sierra and I chatted and checked instagram for a bit. "Hey Si I have to go to the lou, back in a bit." She simply nodded without looking up from her phone. I brushed past the couple chatting amongst themselves and I stopped instantly in my tracks. Wait, brown, short hair, british acce- "And we're here to talk to you about our new and favorite british boyband! Now, Lynn, what did you have to say about One Direction?" The T.V. hanging in the corner interuppted my thought. Liam's in that band. I kind of forgot about how he was in the band. We lost touch after a year because of how busy he had gotten. It's been 2 years since I had last seen him before he left to go train for week 3. I noticed in recent videos he had cut his hair too. Could it be? No, he wouldn't be in Sta- "Oh Chuck, they're actually visiting L.A. for the week for interviews and 4 concerts! Crazy right? So get your tickets quicky before they are sold out!" With that, the screen turned a pitch black before starting a commercial. Oh goodness. If I could get a quick glimpse of his face then I would be able to determine if it was him or not! I wasn't able to look because I found a head of a girl with gorgeous hair and sandles in front of the boy. Suddenly, she dropped her ring and leaned down to reach it. The boy and I locked gazes until the girl sat right back up. I knew it was him. I knew his hair, the color of his eyes, the birthmark visibly showing on his neck, his accent, and that precious laugh of his. I walked up to him. "Liam?" He nodded. The girl that had recently blocked my view of Liam stood up and hooked her arm around his looking at me in disgust. "C'mon Liam it's just another fan. Let's go" Liam didn't budge at all. He just stood there staring directly at me. "Stel?" I nodded in response. After I said that, Liam let go of his (I think) girlfriend and ran up to me. I jumped into his arms and he spun me around. "I can't believe it's you!" I said with a bit of shock and joy. "You look great Stel! I missed you so much!" He then stretched his arms out for me to hug him once more. We instantly heard somebody clear their throat. Pulling apart, I see Liam's girlfriend look shocked, angry, and confused. "Oh, Claire, this is Stella. My best friend." Liam said very proud and a huge grin spread across his face. His girlfriend seemed relieved and sighed. "I'm sorry, I was a bit confused. Anyways, hi Stella." She said looking genuinely happy and bubbly again embracing me in a hug while still holding her drink. "Hi Claire." I replied back as i was letting go of our hug. We were suddenly interupted by Sierra. "Hey Stel we have to get going. The seniors get out an hour ear-" Then we were frightened by a pitchy scream coming from Sierra. "Sierra calm down!" She is a huge One Direction fan. She is really into Harry, but she likes all of them. "But It's the Liam Payne!" She started squealing. "I know Sierra, we go way back to when we were born 20 minutes apart in the same hospital. He's my best friend." Her jaw dropped. "Are you serious?" I nodded in response. "And you never told me about this?!" I thought again for a moment. "I guess it never came up in my mind." She was stunned and looked a little hurt (playfully). "Well, aren't I special!" She pretened to walk away, but came right back. "Hah, I'm kidding Stel. But we really have to get to class." I turned to Liam awkwardly. "Right. Sorry Liam, but I have to go." He seemed to look sad for a moment, but turned happy again. "That's fine Stella! But before you go want my number? So we can stay in touch? I changed it due to the fans calling my old one." I said yes and we exchanged numbers and left for school. "Wow, what a morning" I thought to myself.

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