I Told You To Never Come Back

Jessie is a normal teenage girl, living a normal life. That all changes after she finds out her boyfriend, Alex was cheating on her. It's one year later since then, and Alex is dead. Well, he's supposed to be. He keeps popping up in Jessie's life in a haunting way. How does Alex make Jessie's life worse than what she already has to live with because of him? How can Jessie stop Alex from torturing her?


1. Prologue

So, here I am walking in the pitch-black night. I’m walking on the edge of the concrete road. It’s in my neighborhood, or more like subdivision, around the corner of my street I live on.

Everyone’s houses are dark because it’s about 10:30 pm. No one’s lamp posts are on outside because I think a circuit blew yesterday and it hasn’t been fixed yet. That’s okay; I like the darkness and the stars.

I kick up a small stone from the side of the road. I kick around the stone while I walk. Why am I walking? Well, my now ex-boyfriend and I had a big arguement. I found out he was with another girl, and I got really mad. I got hurt really badly because I thought I trusted him. We’ve dating for six months. He yelled at me all the things that make that girl better than me. We were at my house, but I was the one to take a walk. He’s probably cooling down, either on my couch or in his car. I hope he’s in his car.

His name is Alex. He has brown hair, that’s not too long, yet not too short. He also has brown puppy dog eyes, that can turn to black pits of hatred in seconds. He’s also the running back of the varsity football team.

The girl’s name is Kimberly. Of course, the pretty blonde haired, blue eyed, cheerleader. I don’t know much about Kimberly, but she did steal my boyfriend. She can have him.

My name is Jessie. I’m not popular, but I’m not a geek either. I have long, straight brown hair, and green eyes. Alex and I started dating after we were paired up for a science project.

Anyways, here I am, getting my thoughts straight, kicking a rock. It’s quiet, except for some chirping crickets. Wow, I love that sound.

I look up at the stars. They’re so beautiful. Alex doesn’t make me feel beautiful. Not after what he just called me. I kick the rock once more, and I hear a car coming from behind. I turn around, but there’s only blackness. I go back to the rock. I kick it again, and lights turn on behind me. I turn around to find a black car about ten meters away.

And it’s coming straight at me.



Here is the beginning of my new horror story! Please leave comments of what you think, and I hope you enjoy the rest! :) ~Mel

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