I Told You To Never Come Back

Jessie is a normal teenage girl, living a normal life. That all changes after she finds out her boyfriend, Alex was cheating on her. It's one year later since then, and Alex is dead. Well, he's supposed to be. He keeps popping up in Jessie's life in a haunting way. How does Alex make Jessie's life worse than what she already has to live with because of him? How can Jessie stop Alex from torturing her?


2. Chapter 1.

“You seriously think I can get in?” I ask, drying off a plate.

    “Of course! You’re smart enough, and you’ve studied all year! You deserve to get in!” my sister, Stacy, assures me. She brings over her plate and runs hot water on it.

    I sigh. “I just hope they-” I’m interrupted by the “ding” of the doorbell. “I’ll get it.” I put the plate away in a cabinet, and set my towel next to the sink. I walk to the front door and unlock it. I swiftly pull it open, and find a woman’s figure in the doorway. My heart stops. It’s not any woman. It’s Alex’s mom.

    “Hi, Jessie! How have you been?” she greets me with a warm smile.

    “Hi, Mrs. Lux. I’m doing fine, how about you?” I ask, returning the gesture.

“It’s been a little quieter, but we have Jason to keep us busy,” she replies, her smile fading. Mine does too. Jason was Alex’s younger brother. He’s fourteen now. I felt bad about what happened, and I still do. He was really close with Alex. Mrs. Lux’s smile reappears. “Anyways, I was digging under Alex’s bed last week, and I found a box of your stuff.” She hands me a box.

“Thank you. I really appreciate this,” I say, smiling again.

“Well, I hope to see you around soon. Have a nice night.”

“Thanks, you too.” We wave to each other, and I shut the door. I turn and walk back to the kitchen, setting the box down on the table.

“Who was that? What’s in there?” Stacey asks while drying a glass.

“It was Mrs. Lux, and this is a box of my stuff she found. She wanted to return it,” I answer.

“Do you want to look through it? I’ll finish cleaning up.”

“Thanks.” I grab the box and trudge upstairs.

I reach my room and set the box on my bed, plopping myself next to it. I sigh. I pick out a picture frame, and old T shirt, a pair of sunglasses, and a few more little things I left over there. I pull out the last item, revealing a folded piece of paper. I open it.

I will be back for you, Jessie Kay. You haven’t seen the last of me.

My breathing catches, and I start coughing. This is his handwriting. He’s supposed to be gone. I thought I was already put through enough torture. I guess I was wrong.

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