Marcel. (A marcel styles fanfic)

Marcel's P.O.V
"Who is she anyways?" I asked myself looking out the window of my bedroom, the new neighbours moved in, a dad, two sons, and a beautiful daughter with long straight brown hair and beautiful glistening hazel eyes. "Your never gonna get her anyways" my brother said texting on his iPhone to busy to even look at her."She will be mine." Harry said coldly. We will see about that I thought. He will break her heart and get what he thinks is "The next best thing."


2. The pie incident.

"Harry,Drew,Marcie, come down here, I need someone to deliver this pie to the new neighbours house!" My mother yelled. Marcie is my nickname, when my brother Drew was little he didn't know how to pronounce Marcel so he calls me Marcie, it caught on. Harry and I looked at eachother, I am pretty sure we had the same idea. We ran downstairs as fast as we could. Moments later my brother Drew showed up. "Who wants to do me a gigantic favour and take this pie to the new neighbours house?" My mother asked. "Sorry mom, I can't, I am to busy playing blackops 2," Drew answered, typical 14 year old. " I can do it mum," Harry and I said. "Why don't you both go?, Marcel you can stop by there before you get to work." Mum replied. Crap, I forgot about work, I work at a bakery. "Okay, bye mum," I said before I kissed her on the cheek and walked out the door, Harry followed. Once we got to the strombergs house we pushed the doorbell. The dad answered."Hello Mr.Stromberg, my mother told me to drop of this pie for you and your family. We live next door, welcome to London." I said awkwardly as I shaked his extended hand. Just as I was about to give the pie Harry pushed me and the pie went all over Mr.Strombergs dress shirt. I should have known he would do that. I was to embarrassed to say anything so instead I ran to work. I felt like a coward, and it is all because of Haz.


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