Marcel. (A marcel styles fanfic)

Marcel's P.O.V
"Who is she anyways?" I asked myself looking out the window of my bedroom, the new neighbours moved in, a dad, two sons, and a beautiful daughter with long straight brown hair and beautiful glistening hazel eyes. "Your never gonna get her anyways" my brother said texting on his iPhone to busy to even look at her."She will be mine." Harry said coldly. We will see about that I thought. He will break her heart and get what he thinks is "The next best thing."


3. Chicken.


Hi you guys, so i am really sorry that i don't update, its because i have school but i am starting again so keep reading!.

Marcel's P.O.V

After we came home from the strombergs my mother yelled at us, it went something like this "Harry,Marcel, what have you done!You guys could not stop fighting for 2 mins! You are both grounded and Marcel, you are going to have to pay for Mr.Strombergs dry cleaning!" Haz replied with "Sorry mom, me and marcel will go up to our room now." he said as he went upstairs, foolishly i followed of course. Big mistake. Once i got up to our room Harry pushed me on to the ground and kicked my stomach and yelled "You asshole! Now i am grounded too, i was gonna take out that hot chick Taylor tonight! Why do you live on this planet, people like you should die!" he continued to kick me in my stomach then moved on to punching me.'Sorry Harry i am so sorry! i didn't mean to, i slipped. HARRY PLEASE STOP!" I cried out. It was hopeless. I was so weak. About seven minutes later of the beating mom called us for dinner. Harry left my room with a smirk and help up "the finger" to me before he left. My stomach hurt so bad, i maneged to get up and go to my mirror, they're was a big bruise on my stomach. I got some medicine and rubbed my stomach with it. I maneged to get up and go downstairs in time for dinner. You are probobly wondering why i didn't tell mom. Its a long story but here it goes.......


I was playing hide and seek with my Dad, Harry was out with my mom. "One two three........ fifty, ready or not Marcie here i come." my dad called. I was hiding underneath my parents bed. Until i came upon a bottle of Alcohol, it was strange because my mom made my dad stop drinking a long time ago. "Found you!" my dad called as he begin to tickle me. "HAHAHA daddy!!" i replied. He stopped. "Daddy why was this underneath your bed?" I said showing him the bottle. "PUT THAT DOWN! IDIOT KID, DIDN'T I TELL YOU NOT TO LOOK AT MY THINGS! YOU BETTER NOT TELL YOUR MOM ABOUT THIS OR THINGS WILL HAPPEN." my dad called. "NOW GET UP WE HAVE TO GET DINNER READY!" he said before he slapped me hard on the face. We made some baked chicken. *knock, knock* i heard the door, "MOMMY'S HOME!!" I yelled. I opened the door and my mom lifted me up in the air and tickled me..........................


We were chewing on our chicken, when mom asked what did me and dad do all day. I replied with "Oh we played hide and seek and i found alcohol under your bed!" my dad turned red. He got up and hit me with his chair, over and over. Harry and mom made him stop, and my mom slapped him and called for a divorce.

*End of flashback*

That is why i don't tell my mom anything, i am afraid i will get hurt.

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