Feeling The Opposite Again!! {sequel to Feeling the opposite}

Many others will forgive for the regret that they made?
Some made some mistake leaving, my life was perfect back in London, Liam, Bailey, Louis even Macy. It was starting perfect, being a professional softball player hitting homers. Everything, but I just felt pair of eyes following me on my way to New York City, everything was not right, ending up in hospitals, loosing memories, kissing ex-girlfriend, and kissing a French girl and seeing a French boy with almost a British accent. Something not right, just can't think of it. I'm Feeling the Opposite Again, I Camilla Florence is completely opposite.
{SEQUEL TO--- Feeling The Opposite}


6. What am I Going To Do?!

Camilla P.O.V

Oh my god?! I'm freaking pregnant! I'm too young to have a baby, I looked at her and gulped.

"How many months before it's going to show my belly?"

"4 months? So I suggest you can tell your boyfriend"

"How do you know I have a boyfriend?", I asked.

"Well I don't see a ring in your finger, and your too young to get married and well your young and having a baby, so I think I know", I felt my cheeks go red from embarrassment.

"Okay your done, you have to come back here next month for a monthly check up", I nodded, I stood up and walked out, I sighed.

I saw Adrianna waiting looking at People magazine. She looked up and toss it on the table.

"How did it go?", I pull her hands to the car, don't want to talk about it in there.

"I'm pregnant?", I sighed, she gasped.

"Oh my god! Congratulation!"

"It is good news but.."

"But what?", she looked at me.

"What will Liam say about this? He will probably break up with me? We're too young for this? He's not ready, I'm not sure if I'm ready?!", she grabbed my shoulders.

"Woah! Cami! Calm down, I know it's a sudden shocking news for you guys but Liam loves you and would care for you and the baby, look some day you have to tell him before your bump shows"

I sighed, "I know but what about softball game championship?"

"Cami, you need to tell the coach, you can't play while your having a baby Payne on the way", she chuckled, "anyways are you going to keep it?"

"What? Of course I am? The baby deserves a life with their actual birth mother and it isn't their fault"

She sighed, "okay here I will drop you off to your apartment",I nodded, she took me to the car, we drove to my place, I was looking outside the window while I trace my fingers against my stomach.

She stopped by my apartment, I hugged her and thanked her, I walked down and run up stairs to my room. I unlocked my door and open it, I saw Teddy barking and wagging his tail.

"Hey baby", I hugged him, and closed the door.

"Speaking of baby? Guess what Teddy?", I said, he just scratched his ear with his foot, and shake his fur and started licking his foot and biting at it.

"I'm going to have a baby..", I whispered, as he stood up and saw his tail and started chasing it, while he run in circles.

I chuckled, and stood up and surprisingly I saw Liam standing there smiling.

"Ah! Liam? How did you--", oh god please don't tell me he heard on what I just said?

"Oh let say I know how to pick a lock? Anyways what did you say to Teddy? Something about a baby?", he asked.

"Oh..umm I said that Teddy your are my baby", great save Cami.

"Oh um okay", he walk over to me and wrap his arms around my waist, he started kissing my neck.

"Liam...", I moaned.

"Not now...", I gulped pushing him away from me.

"Sorry baby, just can't get myself control on how hot I have a girlfriend as lucky I am to have you", oh let's hope that luck is still going.

"Hey Liam can I ask you a question?", he hummed.

"Umm...do you want to have a baby? I mean like in the future?"

"Well I do want a family, and I want you to be the mother of my kids but right now isn't the time since we're busy", he smiled and pecked my lips, "why?"

"Oh it's nothing. Nothing at all.", I smirked.

"Anyways do you want to watch Toy Story?", he asked.

I laughed, "sure let me go get change first", I walked into my room and closed it, I lift my shirt up and stare into the mirror, I'm pregnant. I rubbed my stomach I have to tell him sooner or later. He doesn't want a baby right now? He's gonna leave me! No. No Camilla don't think like that, just wait awhile till he goes back to the UK. No I can't wait that long! And having a baby without him knowing is a bad path to be on.

I sighed and put my pjs on and I rubbed my stomach, I walked out and Liam saw me rubbing my stomach.

"Are you hungry or something?", he chuckled.

I took my hand away, "what? Oh no? I just like to rub my stomach a lot..", I said, he nodded as sat down next to me, we cuddled and press play, he was rubbing my hip by tracing the too of his fingers against my skin. Leaving me the same chills I get when our skin connects.

What am I Going To Do? Holy Jesus pickle on ice!

Hey you Lovies! Did I tell you that I call the reader fans Lovies well I do that on wattpad but anyways! I forgot to update this story which was stupid me of course! Anyways I have some Writer Tip for ya in the Update & Myself, so you can go check that out if you want to try to be a better writer which it doesn't emerged if you are, anyways hope you enjoy.

~LiLi ^•^

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