Feeling The Opposite Again!! {sequel to Feeling the opposite}

Many others will forgive for the regret that they made?
Some made some mistake leaving, my life was perfect back in London, Liam, Bailey, Louis even Macy. It was starting perfect, being a professional softball player hitting homers. Everything, but I just felt pair of eyes following me on my way to New York City, everything was not right, ending up in hospitals, loosing memories, kissing ex-girlfriend, and kissing a French girl and seeing a French boy with almost a British accent. Something not right, just can't think of it. I'm Feeling the Opposite Again, I Camilla Florence is completely opposite.
{SEQUEL TO--- Feeling The Opposite}


4. Sickness and Realization

Camilla P.O.V.

 Today I called in sick cause I wasn't feeling too well, it's been a three days since I visit Liam and he's been practicing and well for me, I've been sick. I was feeling well three days, but I was feeling fine. I heard my door knocked.

"Come in.." I groggily said, Adrianna came in with soup she made.

"Hey girl, feeling alright"


"Here, I made you soup", I sat up and she gave me a bowl of soup, I took the spoon and slurp it.

"Thanks Adrianna"

"No problem, what you think made you this sick?"

"I don't know, maybe a flu bug is going around"

"Well it is cold outside so it's probably making you sick"

"Probably--", I sneezed and cough, I groaned.

"Wanna go to the doctors?"

"No..it's fine"

"Well take a rest you can't go to practice today"

"But what about coach.."

"Who cares about the coach, you can't bat while your sick"

"Okay I guess I will stay..."I said and stop, I got up and ran to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet.

"Camilla! You alright"

"No!", I puke a lot in the toilet, I gagged. 

"Camilla, your throwing up, are you alright? Need to call the doctor? Or Liam? Wait does Liam know your this sick?"

"Adrianna!", I yelled cause she was asking too much questions,"1) no I don't feel alright,
 2) no I don't need a doctor 
3)I don't want Liam to see me this gross
And 4) no Liam doesn't know I'm this sick"

"Well Liam has to know your this sick"

"No, he would take care of me instead of practice with his team mates and I want him to practice cause he will be playing shots us and him if he won I'm happy for him that he made it through his achievements and he just got a scholar ship for baseball, and I want his work to pay off"

"Wow you care for him even though he's our opponent"

"And my boyfriend"

"Well I better go I have practice need anything just call me"

"Ok", I got up and washed my mouth and walked back to my bed and laid back down. 

As she left I felt my phone ranged, I groaned and picked it up.

"Hello.."I groggily said.

"Cami bear?", Liam said using my nick name which have me butterflies when he say that.


"Babe.. You okay you don't sound alright"

"It's just I'm sick not feeling too well"

"You want to go to the doctors"

"No it's just flu"

"You want me to take care of you I can just call in sick and take care of you"

"No,no,no you have to practice for the tournament,and I don't want you to see me this gross"

"Babe, I don't care if you look gross your beautiful, and I've been practicing since in England and I'm going to take care of you and that's final, see you later, love you",he said and hanged up.

You know, Liam is always a caring person but too over protective like I said, he doesn't even listen to me on what I tell him not to do, but he does it, but that's my baby, and I would die if he wasn't here, I cried in my sleep when he was at England, I just think he always do too much for me and plus feeling like he's my parents well he is older then me, one year older then me.


  Liam has been making me soup and stuff like that, he like my butler but I don't want him to do too much things, he got me a Teddy bear to make me feel better, but Teddy took my bear and Liam has to chase her around with it.

"Here you go baby", he handed me a cup of tea.

"Thank you Liam"

"Anything else", he asked me.

"No Liam I think that's all, you don't have to do anything", I said, he smiled and nodded he walked to the other side and slipped into next to me.

"Liam what are you doing?"

"Laying down next to you"

"Liam I'm going to get you sick"

"No your not"

"Liam--", I started.

"Camilla your not going to get me sick, okay, now lay down and rest", he said, I laid back on my pillow and he scooted closer and pulled me closer to him, I laid my head on his chest and I wrapped my arms around his waist.

"I love you Liam"

"I love you too Camilla", with that I fell asleep, I think what was my symptoms, puking,sneezing, coughing, but it's allergy season so sneezing doesn't count cause I was sneezing before I was sick, mostly puking and stomach aches and flu, wait, my mom have this symptoms before and that was when she was...

'Im pregnant' I thought.

~ Hal-Anne ^_^


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