Feeling The Opposite Again!! {sequel to Feeling the opposite}

Many others will forgive for the regret that they made?
Some made some mistake leaving, my life was perfect back in London, Liam, Bailey, Louis even Macy. It was starting perfect, being a professional softball player hitting homers. Everything, but I just felt pair of eyes following me on my way to New York City, everything was not right, ending up in hospitals, loosing memories, kissing ex-girlfriend, and kissing a French girl and seeing a French boy with almost a British accent. Something not right, just can't think of it. I'm Feeling the Opposite Again, I Camilla Florence is completely opposite.
{SEQUEL TO--- Feeling The Opposite}


2. Practice Makes Perfect

Camilla P.O.V.

     I woke up in the morning, it was 6 A.M. I have classes, practice, and work to do, which I'm going to be home till 8 I stood up and stretch out my arms. I got out of bed and walked to my bathroom, I brushed my teeth, and stripped down my clothes and turn on the shower head. 
I did everything I took a shower all those stuff. I put on my shoes and grabbed my cup of tea that I made.

"Okay Ted, I'm going to school, you will he home alone, behave", I said and walked out with the warm tea, it was cold in New York compare to England, it's kinda the same weather, but practicing in this weather will be harder for me to got the ball.

I went in the car and head to school, my favorite song Boomerang by The Summer Sunset. I tapped my hand against the steering wheel to the beat.

I parked my car and head to my classes, I only have two which is only for two hours, boring.

*after two hours of classes* 

My practice won't start till 5, and I have work to 3pm to 4pm, I went in my car and went to the mall where I work at. I walked in the store, and started to do my shift, folding clothes helping people all those stuff. 

*after work*

I yawned, I have to go to practice, I walked out if the mall feeling my phone vibrated. I picked it up and it was Liam.


"Hey babe, did you heard in going to New York soon and we will meet each other again, I miss you too Much!! Anyways what's up?"

"nONTHing and I miss you too", I yawn.

"Baby are you tired"

"No..well yeah I woke up at 6, I had classes two hours and work for an hour and practice to go to for three hours and I'm tired"

"Babe, can't you just skip practice and take a rest I don't want you to get hurt in practice while your tired"

"Babe don't worry I will be fine, and plus I have to cause of my coach wanting me to practice more so I can focus in the tournament that's coming up and she doesn't want me to focus on you"

"Well I don't care what she say, I want you more then ever"

"We can hang out with each other outside of practice"

"That is true, well babe I'm leaving tomorrow, we're staying at a hotel and I won't be there till 6 have fun and safe love you!"

"Love you too Li", I hanged up and walked to my car, I drove back to school cause I leave my practice stuff in my locker. 

I got there and walked to the locker rooms and changed my clothes, I put then in my locker and put my softball hat one back wards and my hair tied to the sides, I grabbed my baseball by and popped one piece of gum in my mouth and chew it. I walked out meeting my coach in her office when I overheard talking.

"Yes..yes.. She doesn't expect a thing...don't worry we can do it right in front of him", I was confuse on what she talking about I knocked on her door and she turn and saw me, "I gotta go, I have to meet my players" she hanged up.

"Sorry was that important", I asked.

"No no it's okay, it's my cousin"

"Oh so should we start practicing"

"Yes yes we should lets go" 

*after practice*

Practice ended and I changed back to my clothes, I was so tired today, I hopped in my car and drove back home, to meet Teddy.

I got to my apartment and walked upstairs and open my door to see expected Teddy jumping around my leg. I rubbed my eyes and yawned and petted her, I put my keys on the counter and I walked to my room, I took off my clothes and replace it with my Pjs, and snuck under the covers and falling asleep, tomorrow I have only one class and practice and no work. I felt Teddy cuddle next to me and I turn off the nightstand next to me, and fell asleep.

I was in a dark room, nothing surrounded me, nothing, till a dark figure comes toward me, could see no face but a voice, a voice I have heard from.

"Who are you?"

"Your worst nightmare"


"Haha, Camilla I'm coming back and going to finish you off...once and for all"

"Who are you? How do you know my name?", I asked and then Liam appeared in front of me, but with another girl, he kissed her and a tear rolled down. 

"Liam! No!", I yelled then I felt a cold blade right through me I looked down I got stabbed, I turn around and saw a face.

I shot up in sweat breathing heavenly. I looked around and patted my body to see in alive. I sighed, it was just a nightmare. I saw that face....but where did I see it from. It couldn't be true cause wit was just a nightmare or....a vision that's about to happen. It felt so real and scary, but all I know is that I have to sleep it's jut a crazy illusions that I've must been getting. I sighed and fell back asleep.

~<3 Hal 

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