Feeling The Opposite Again!! {sequel to Feeling the opposite}

Many others will forgive for the regret that they made?
Some made some mistake leaving, my life was perfect back in London, Liam, Bailey, Louis even Macy. It was starting perfect, being a professional softball player hitting homers. Everything, but I just felt pair of eyes following me on my way to New York City, everything was not right, ending up in hospitals, loosing memories, kissing ex-girlfriend, and kissing a French girl and seeing a French boy with almost a British accent. Something not right, just can't think of it. I'm Feeling the Opposite Again, I Camilla Florence is completely opposite.
{SEQUEL TO--- Feeling The Opposite}


5. Holy Baby!

Camilla P.O.V

I watch carefully as the pitcher roll the ball with her fingers watching me carefully. I licked my lips I sway the bat carefully and she stood up swinger arm around and threw it to me.

I gripped into my bat really tight and swing my bat as it connect to the ball. It flew across the field, I dropped my bat and sprinted to first base.

I watch the ball as it hit against the pole and bounces off and went back to the field, I quickly sprinted to second and third. I stepped on the third base, I stared at the other players, they threw it to the pitcher as she caught it and threw it to the girl who was standing at the home base.

She missed the ball, it was my chance to sprint quickly, as I got close, she dive for the ball and stood back up and dove to touch home base, I did the same thing.

I dove I slid and my hand touched the base, I sighed, her gloves touch the base. I can hear my heart beat beating faster and my team mates cheered.

"Safe!", the umpire yelled, my team mates cheered and run out of the dug out, I sighed and smiled, my head dropped on my arms.

My team mates picked me up and cheered for me, I smiled and pump my fist in the air.

"Congratulation to the New York Patriots softball team! 20-18 that is a good win in the 6 inning", the announcer said, the people cheered, I looked up on the stadium and saw Liam and his team mates watching us.

He smiled and mouth 'congrats babe' I smiled and blew him a kiss. They came to watch us, I sighed as my team mates put me down and patted my back,

I walked in the dugout, I got some few congratulation from the team.

"Cami, that was wonderful you took the win for us", my coach said, So generously

I looked at her weirdly, She hugged me and walked off I looked at the girls and they all shrugged and went back to gather their stuff.

I walked over to the girls, they grabbed their bags as I did the same, "what was that about?"

"I don't know she seems little bit off lately, she never been this nicer before", Wendy said.

I shrugged, "who knows why she happy, maybe she finally got a boyfriend" they chuckled.

"Yeah a boyfriend around his 60s", Adrianna said we laughed as we stare at her hugging this old man around 60s.

We all walked back to the locker rooms to go get dressed, I open my locker and began to change, Adrianna was right next to me.

I took my shirt off and felt nausea, I held my stomach and sprinted to the bathroom, I ran into the stall and lifted up the toilet seat and threw up. I heard the doors open, Adrianna walked in and saw me,I heard her gasped and she lifted up my hair.

"Are you still vomiting?", I nodded without saying a word.

"Cam? It's that time of the month? Have you got it?", she asked, I haven't gotten since few weeks ago which is last month at the end of the month. I'm late. Well that means I am pregnant, but wait I haven't taken a test yet?

"Cami? Have you gotten it?", she repeated, I shook my head no.

"Cami? I think you should take a test at the doctors? What is Liam doing?", she asked.

"He's...practicing", I coughed, she patted my back.

"Alright I will take you, come on let's go get change and we can go", I nodded she helped me up, she flushed the toilet. We walked to our lockers and quickly change out. I grabbed my bag and we walked out of the locker room.

"Let's go", we walked over to her car, we hopped in, she backed up from the parking lot and went in the streets.


We were waiting in the waiting room waiting for the nurse to call our names.

"Camilla?", the nurse with blonde locks called out, I stood up, she smiled at me, "the doctor is ready to see you", I nodded and followed her.

"Dr. Williams will be here soon you can sit down on the bed", I nodded, I walked over and sat I the bed kicking my feet waiting for the Dr.

Soon the doors open and this women around her 30s walked inside, her brunette hair was braided on her side.

"Hello, my name is Dr. Amelia Williams, is their any problems with your body?", she asked.

"Well I might be pregnant but I'm not sure", I was shaking, she notice at my words were little bit shaky.

"Awe it's okay hun, I work with patience around your age whose pregnant, you don't have to be scared I can give you rest to just to be clear, okay?", she said with a smile. I nodded.

She walked out for a few seconds and came back with equipments. "Okay I will put this jelly substance on your belly to check, it will feel little bit cold", I nodded, I laid back and lifted up my shirt, she spread it around my belly, she grabbed this machine thing and rolls it around my belly, I sighed.

It feels so cold, well she did just said it's going to be cold, the thing beeps she pull it back and wiped it off. She grabbed rubbing alcohol and clean off my belly.

"Alright stay here and I will tell you the results", she said ", as got up and walked out I sighed, I took deep breaths, I rubbed my belly and stare at the window. It only feels like 4 mins but it was actually 20 minutes.

She walked back in checking her clipboard, I stared at her to hear the news.

"Well the test came out to be a positive so Ms. Florence...your pregnant!"

Holy baby...


Hey sorry guys I haven't update for awhile like a year probably. I wasn't updating this cause I was updating my stories on the Wattpad, and haven't time to do the stories here, I like finish two stories in there, and doing three stories I there and trying to get done quickly, and I'm trying to do this but it's hard doing the fan fics when I have to re-read them and trying to get back on here, so sorry I haven't update for so long! So yeah sorry about it.

~Hal ^•^

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