Feeling The Opposite Again!! {sequel to Feeling the opposite}

Many others will forgive for the regret that they made?
Some made some mistake leaving, my life was perfect back in London, Liam, Bailey, Louis even Macy. It was starting perfect, being a professional softball player hitting homers. Everything, but I just felt pair of eyes following me on my way to New York City, everything was not right, ending up in hospitals, loosing memories, kissing ex-girlfriend, and kissing a French girl and seeing a French boy with almost a British accent. Something not right, just can't think of it. I'm Feeling the Opposite Again, I Camilla Florence is completely opposite.
{SEQUEL TO--- Feeling The Opposite}


3. Gimme some Love

Camilla P.O.V.

  I woke up from my phone ringing, I yelled and jumped off from my bed, I sat up and grabbed my phone, man that nightmare was so...scary. It was only 9:00 am and right now I already miss eight calls from Liam. I decided I should call him back.

"Hello?", he answered.

"Hey Li, in sorry I didn't pick up my phone I was still asleep since yesterday was pretty busy"

"Oh that's okay I was just checking up on you, and plus I'm here already!", he said.

"What! I thought you get here at 6 pm!", I said.

"Well I thought too but my coach just told me yesterday after I hung up on you that I'm going to be here at 6 am"

"Awe man I was going to visit you at the airport"

"Hey you can visit me at the hotel, want me give you directions"

"Please.." I said and he told me the directions, I wrote it down.

"Okay thanks babe, love you, see you later"

"Love you too", he said

I went and took a shower, I let the warm water run through my body, and I got out and brushed my teeth. I wrapped a towel around myself I walked to my drawer and grabbed out a new pair of bra and underwear, I just grabbed my yoga pants and a black tank-top with a blue jacket, I zipped my jacket halfway and I threw my hair in a bun, and I only put mascara on. As I finish getting ready I put my converse on.

"Hey Teddy, wanna see Liam, my boyfriend", I said to Teddy as she wagged her tail.

"Okay lets go, mommy taking you to visit him", I said as I grabbed a leash and hook it on her collar and grabbed my phone and bag, including the address of the hotel Liam staying at.

I walked downstairs and stepping into my car and drove to the address I'm heading.


    I walked out and grabbed Teddy leash and she jumped out and she looks so happy. I looked up the hotel it was so big, glad they allow pets here. 

I picked up Teddy and walked inside, I just texted Liam said I was here and told me wait in the lobby. I sit on the couch holding Teddy.

"Camilla?", I heard a male voice called out, I turn it was Liam, he looks so different well a little his hair grew out darker and has a beard which he looks so hot! I see his bicep, oh my god he worked out and I can see his abs through his shirt, god he looks so hot.

"Liam!", I called out and run up to him and I run into his arms as he tighten his grip around me, he picked me up and swing me around.

"Baby...I miss you", I said as I breathe in his scent on his neck, oh how I miss that smell everyday.

"I can't believe I have you back in my arms again", he said stroking my hair and kissing my neck and my head. Teddy started to bark cause she was getting squished, "well whose this fella?", he asked me.

"Oh Liam this is Teddy my dog, she has been keeping me company for a whole now"

"Well she so adorable, Teddy I hope you took care of my lovely girlfriend", she started to bark and wagged her tail I chuckled.

"C'mon lets go to my room, I have a whole room all to myself", he said, I nodded and he wrapped his arms around my shoulder and we walked in the elevator, he pressed the floor button and we were going up.

We got on the floor where his room is, we walked into the door, Liam slid his key card out of his pocket and slid it to the door and it unlocked, I went inside and he followed me behind he closed the door.

"Wow...very...clean", as I examined his messy room well a little messy just the bed is not fix and his clothes are scattered everywhere.

"Yeah I haven't clean the bed yet", I 
put down Teddy and she walked and smelled his clothes glad she house train she knows when she need to use the bathroom is when she stands next to the door and when not to use the bathroom while she inside.

Liam picked me up bridal style I squealed and he laugh and throw me onto his bed it was soft, and I can smell his sent that he has been laying on the bed, he climbed on top of me and straddled his legs between me, he kissed my lips, I miss those pink lips. I pulled away and smiled.

"It's been only 3 hours and you already made a mess"

"Well when you said you were visiting I got out of bed quick and tried to find something to wear", I giggled and put my right hand on his left cheek, and run his cheek with my thumb gently. We were staying eye contact for few minutes, till I kissed his lips again.

"I missed you", he said, as he put his face of the crook of my neck.

"I missed you too baby", I stroke his back as he breathe in the smell of my perfume I felt his lips on my neck, he was starting making love bites like last time.

"Liam...", I moaned, he hummed against my skin which I enjoyed, his lips were going lower to my chest, but the door knocked and Liam pulled away.

"Liam it's me your coach!", I sat up quickly and Liam got up and open the door.
"Coach what's up?"

"Nothing I thought I heard voices and is that a dog", shit! We're caught.

"Uhh, yes it is?", he said.

"When did you have a dog?"

"Um..well." Liam couldn't find a way to lie so I popped up behind him.

"Hi, I'm Camilla, his girlfriend, sorry of I just randomly walk in here"

"Oh, well it's fine, So your Camilla Florence"

"The one and only", I said.

"I heard you two are dating and you were the best player on the team that we're going against"

"Yeah...that's what they say"

"Are you going to distract Liam during the game?"

"No of course not"

"Okay cause I don't want anything that has do distract him"

"Coach ease up on her she my girlfriend", Liam said.

"I know I'm going downstairs rest up tomorrow practice", with that he left me and Liam alone. 

We walked back inside, and I felt Liam behind me wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Now where were we..oh yeah", he said and staring back to my neck.

"Liam.."I moaned once more.

"Mmm", he moaned against my skin.

"Liam..babe, not now, what happens some one hears us"

Us", he said in between kisses.

"Liam..babe..I know--"

"Please", I begged.

"Fine", I said and Liam closed the window and the door, he picked me up and threw me on the bed, he kissed my lips and back to my neck, I moaned.

"Liam just fucked me now", he chuckled and took off my jacket and my shirt plus shorts, leaving me in a bra and underwear. 

I took off his shirt and saw his tone abs, I pulled down his pants and saw his member through his boxer. He took time and unclasped my bra and he started to hungrily sucking them. I moaned and run my fingers through his hair, god when was the last time we made love. 

He took off my panties and I pulled down his boxer and say his length thick cock. He laid me down and he enter inside me without warning.

"God Liam move!", I yelled he chuckled and well you know what happens next...;)

~Hal-Anne ^_^  

{Hal-Anne is a nickname that I created, cause people call me Hal and my middle name is Anne, cause mine is Hallie (Halle, like Halle-Berry) not like Haley cause like I hate when people call me Haley, so my name pronounce Halle, Hallie so yeah} 

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