Have you ever felt like you're being watched? Have you ever felt like somebody is behind you when you walk? When you're alone? When the lights are off? We all do, at some point. Unfortunately for some of us...this isn't just our imagination.


11. Thief

It was a dark Monday night. Like any other night in Idaho, the clouds slowly rolled in and released rain onto the cold Earth surface. Often, people would slip and cars would go out of control. Most crimes that have been committed in this area of Idaho were usually on a rainy night, much like this one. Today, another crime was being committed. Nothing too big, just a small shoplift of CD's and an amateur thieve with a small amount of paranoia. He grabbed the CD's, stuffed them in his sweater pockets, and casually walked out the door. He made sure to rip off the labels, so the machines wouldn't beep once he got out of the store. Once he was out, he ran into his car, turned it on, and slammed on the gas. His getaway car then took off and left a trail of thick smoke behind. Old cars weren't very good at high speeds.


The thief made it to the calm area of Shell street. He decided that driving slow would arouse suspicion, so he went even faster. As he sped up, he kept an eye on his speedometer.

"56...61...73...97..." He mumbled as he kept increasing in speed. As he was distracted, a police car is quickly speeding up behind him. The car doesn't have its lights on, so that way the driver may get there unnoticed. Once he is right behind the thief, he blows his horn and turns on the lights. He switches on the magical police siren and the chase is on.


The police driver flips on his windshield wipers so he could see clearly. The car ahead of him is pretty fast, but the police officer was already contacting headquarters. He requests a roadblock at the end of Shell Street, since the thief is going too fast to turn anyway. They accept his request, and begin sending patrol cars to the requested areas. Once there, they start placing road spikes about 50 meters in front of the cars. There is no way this thief is getting away.


Back in the thief's car, thing are not doing so well. He's got a police car right behind him, and his old car cant handle high speeds very well, Not to mention the rain. His tires were old, and didn't have the traction they needed to handle wet roads this fast. They were spinning rapidly, and out of control. His car would wreck any second now. He had no clue. The only sign he got before his car flipped over was a loud pop of his front right tire.


The brown mini van was now on its side. It never made it to the road block, or the road spikes. The police officer had to slam the brakes so he wouldn't crash into the van and meet the same lethal wreck. He collided a bit, but not too hard. But it was hard enough to destroy his front bumper. The officer was okay, and quickly got up and out of the car. He immediately whipped out his sidearm and aimed it at the door of the van.


The thief had trouble getting out. As he struggled to get the door open, he was loosing some blood from various places. His ribs were bruised badly, and he had scratches all over his face and legs. Once the door burst open, he slowly gout out.

"Do not make any sudden moves! Once you are out of your vehicle, I want you to stand up and put your hands behind your head!" The officer called. He couldn't believe anyone would make such a nasty turn with a a tire like that at the second the tire exploded. This thief really was an amateur after all. The thief did as he was told once he got out. He faced the officer and slowly started side stepping. Once the officer told him not to move, he dashed to the middle of the road, bent over and pulled out a small revolver. His hands were shaky as he pointed it at the officer right when he took it out. But before the officer could fire, the thief's body flew up into the air as a rapidly advancing blue Toyota Camry smashes into his nervous body.

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