Have you ever felt like you're being watched? Have you ever felt like somebody is behind you when you walk? When you're alone? When the lights are off? We all do, at some point. Unfortunately for some of us...this isn't just our imagination.


4. Nightmare On Shell Street

A few days earlier...


As Nick walks toward his car, he thinks of the voice he had heard a few hours ago. Was it just his imagination? Had he actually heard it? Maybe he was just thinking about it too much. He decides its no big deal, and focuses on finding his car in the parking lot. After searching for a while, he finds and enters his car. School was rough today. Or should he say yesterday. He stayed in cleaning his Professors class after all. Nick searches for his keys in his jacket to start the car. He just wants to go home and sleep.


"Great" He groans as he realizes he left is keys on his teachers counter."Now I gotta go back into that rat-hole of a school and pray that I can find the damn keys." He thinks out loud. He opens his car door and steps out into the cold. He looks around and starts making his way to his Professor's office.


After a pull of the cold door handles, Nick realizes they're locked.

"Seriously? I was just in there!" He murmurs, "And now I have to walk 2 miles. Just perfect." He barks. Why was the school so far out of the city, anyway? Nick turns around, hops down the countless steps of stairs, and starts walking home. All he can do now is pray that some idiot doesn't mess with his car.


After a few minutes of walking, Nick feels something tapping the back of his black hoodie.

"What the fu-" He quickly turns around, afraid of what would be there. Nick felt stupid as he realized it had started to rain. He thought for sure someone tapped his back, but apparently Idaho's raindrops are freakin' massive. He continues with his walk, knowing that his home is roughly another 15 minutes away on foot. At least at this rate.


Nick keeps on walking, but then he hears a voice that was all too familiar. It was the voice he heard back at his house. And it said the exact same thing...

"You better hurry" The voice called from behind. This time Nick knew he had heard it for sure. He hesitated for a second before he turned around. The only thing that made this different than what happened at his house was 1 thing. 1 very...very big difference.


There, standing in front of him... was a figure of a man. A very...crippled man. He stood in a way that didn't seem possible with his back in an odd shape. His leg appeared to be broken. Knees don't usually bend the way his did. Nick couldn't move. All he could do was stare at the silhouette of a broken man. He just stood there, unable to blink. Then the tears forming at the pit of his eyes washed over his irises allowing him to blink once more. When he did, the man was gone. Nick was sure he had seen him...but now he wasn't there. At least...he wasn't visible.


Nick could hear slow, heavy, raspy breathing right in front of him, but he saw nothing. Terrified of what he just saw, Nick turned around and began to run. There was nothing that could stop him. All he thought of was running away from that god forsaken man. And so he did. Everything was going fairly well until Nick slipped on a puddle he had not seen due to the lack of sunlight. Nick fell. He hit the hard cement and he hit it hard. He landed head-on with the sidewalk. Hard enough to knock himself unconcious.

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