Have you ever felt like you're being watched? Have you ever felt like somebody is behind you when you walk? When you're alone? When the lights are off? We all do, at some point. Unfortunately for some of us...this isn't just our imagination.


6. "Isn't It?"

As the day slowly turns into the night, Nick is waiting impatiently for 15 minutes to go by. He wants the movie that is playing right now to end, so he can watch the one coming up next, Avatar. As he waits, he decides to watch something else. By the time this program would end, his movie would have started by then. It seemed like a good idea.


Nick is changing through the channels to see what else there is. While he's reading the brief descriptions of other shows, a feeling of uneasiness settles at the pit of his stomach. This was definitely not the first time Nick felt this way. He felt this feeling back at his house...and while he was walking home...he didn't like it. Wondering if the nurse could help with this...'pain', he presses a button on the right of his bed. The button emits a low blue light, followed by a quiet beep. After a few seconds, a nurse comes in, asking how she may be of service. Nick explains to her this feeling he gets. He doesn't mention the stuff he's seen because the nurse would surely think he is crazy. She offers him some pills, saying they might do the trick. Nick gladly accepts the offer, hoping more than her that she is right. She wasn't.


After a long movie, the daylight is slowly dying away into the darkness. Nick is happy, both for the movie, and the fact that he would be out of here by tomorrow. Being cooped up in bed and watching movies isn't all its worked up to be. It was actually...actually kind of tiring. And that feeling that Nick was being watched had still not gone away. He had tried to ignore it as much as possible, but nurses were constantly passing by his room forcing him to keep an eye out. Why did they have to walk so loud, anyways?


Eventually, a nurse came in the room and asked Nick if he would like anything else to eat. He smiled, and kindly refused her offer as he handed her an empty plate. She smiled back, said okay, and said that it was lights out in less than 5 minutes. Perfect...just what Nick needed. Darkness. As if feeling that someone is going to come in through the window of the 2nd floor room he was in wasn't enough, now he had to try to go to sleep so his paranoia wouldn't get the best of him. He chugs down 2 more pills, shuts his eyes, and goes to sleep.

*     *     *

A sudden silence sweeps over the Hospital. Machines stop beeping, people stop talking. It was so sudden and so fluent, the nurses that were there working over time started to wonder what just happened. They walked over to the heart monitors to find that they weren't beeping. They tried not to freak out, or they would awake the patients. Within a few minutes, though, everything was back to normal. It was as if someone put a finger over the lips of the Hospital, telling it to shush. The only noise that was made during that brief period of silence was one that nobody heard. It was a low creak that was made as Nick's window slowly opened.

*     *     *

Nick woke up in the Hospital bed feeling worse than ever. That feeling was stronger than before, and he had only slept for about 4 hours. He turned his head to his right in order to face the red neon numbers that his nightstand clock emitted. "2:09", it read.

"Well this is just perfect" Nick slowly grumbled. Then, he got an unexpected response...

"Isn't it?"

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