Have you ever felt like you're being watched? Have you ever felt like somebody is behind you when you walk? When you're alone? When the lights are off? We all do, at some point. Unfortunately for some of us...this isn't just our imagination.


10. Intruder

After Spray painting the red car in specific areas, they removed the tape, and looked at the new car. It glistened in the evening sun. Nick smiled at what they had done.

"And remember, respect the street light" Nick told Sofia's little brother. He nodded his head in understanding the law was a serious business. He thanked the both of them, said goodbye to Nick, and he vanished into his house.

"Josh!", Sofia called, "Remember you're washing the dishes tonight!" He groaned and replied,

"Fiiiiinnnnee, but you're vacuuming, remember that!" Sofia smiled at Nick. They stood there for a while and talked. They even kissed a bit over the car. All the while the evening slowly drained into the night. They said their goodbyes, and promised a cup of coffee the next morning.


As Nick walked down Shell street, he realized how lucky he was to have Sofia. She was beautiful. So smart, very funny, and had icy blue eyes that made Nick want to love her even more than possible. He knew their 3 year anniversary was coming up soon, and he thought of something anyone dating that long would thing of. Marriage.


While he walked, Nick kicked a Mello Yello can along with each step. After minutes of countless ideas for how he might propose, he looked up. It was hurting his head. He could use the silence of the night. Then he remembered the last time he walked down this street. He remembered the man. He remembered Hailey. He remembered the Hospital. Oh, how he remembered the Hospital. It seemed that when he was with Sofia, nothing else mattered. It was just him, her, and their love. But when Nick was alone, he was scared. He was drowning without her. It was then when he realized he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Tomorrow, he would go to the store, buy her a ring, and plan out the perfect proposal.


After thinking about the best idea ever, Nick had arrived at his house. He opened the squeaky gate, walked up the path and stopped when he reached the steps. He heard something. He felt something. It was moving. It was his cellphone. It was vibrating like crazy in his pocket. Someone was calling. He wondered who it could be at this hour. He reached into his pocket, pulled out his cellphone and read the caller ID. It was Sofia.


He smiled. He flipped open his cellphone, raised it to his ear, and said,

"Hey baby", but he didn't get a response until about 5 seconds later. When he heard Sofia's voice, she sounded scared. When she spoke, she whispered. He could barley hear her, but what he heard was extremely shocking.


"H-Hello? Nick? Baby?" She whimpered, "Someones in th-the house"

"What do you mean?!" Nick spat out. He was terrified.

"I don't know, I-I mean, Josh went out for a drive and remember that my parents went out for the weekend? It was only me and Josh, but he went out. Then I was alone, and the lights started flickering. S-So I went out And I-"

"Woah woah woah, slow down. Someone broke into your house?" Nick cried. After Sofia said yes, he frowned. He was angry. He was scared. He was alone.

"H-Hold on babym don't move. Quickly, find somewhere to hide. I'm on my way. I'll stay on the line with you." He assures her.

"I'-I'm in my closet. I can't see anything, but I can hear him. He's downstairs. I think he is looking for me. I already called the police, they said they would be here, but Nick, I'm scared, Baby. I'm so scared. I don't want to die!" She said a little bit louder.

"Don't say that, baby! You'll be fine. Nobody is going to hurt you." He said as he grabbed his keys. He had already opened his door, ran inside, and found his keys. He decided the low gas was one million times lesser than the current situation. He jumped in his car, turned it on, and began driving to Sofia's house.

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