Have you ever felt like you're being watched? Have you ever felt like somebody is behind you when you walk? When you're alone? When the lights are off? We all do, at some point. Unfortunately for some of us...this isn't just our imagination.


8. Hailey's Day

Nurse Hailey had just got out of her car when her day was ruined. She stepped out of the car expecting to feel the morning air burn through her nostrils and fill her lungs. What she got instead was a horrid smell of poop. Well... she was ready to work, so this wasn't exactly something to look forward. She wondered where the stench came from as she grabbed her purse. She stepped outside of her car but did not feel the cement. What she felt instead was the waste of some dog she figured was homeless. Yep, poop.


"Why aren't you wearing any shoes?" Wendy, Hailey's friend asked. They both worked here long enough to know that the white tiles all over the Hospital are cold ones. Hailey told her the story, showed her the "Injured" shoe, and headed to the bathroom. Once she entered, she walked over to the faucet passed the empty toilet stalls, turned one on, cupped her hands, and began splashing water on her naked feet. As she began rubbing her rinsed feet with soap, she wondered how big a dog would have to be to drop a load as big as this one was. She was lost in thought with this. It smelled awful, it was huge, and she didn't like that she was thinking about it either. Why was she thinking about it anyways? She could have focused more on washing her feet from this filth. If she didn't focus so hard, she would have been able to hear the bathroom stall behind her open slowly. She hadn't noticed that it opened. She also did not notice that the person in that bathroom stall...was not a woman.

*     *     *

"A-Are you okay?" The nurse said as she ran over to Nick. She placed her hand on his chest to make sure he was breathing good. She fingered his face often and examined him thoroughly to make sure he was safe.

"D-Don't worry, I'll go get a doctor!" She stammered. She ran out the door and looked around. She thought that maybe Dr. Nichols would be in the main office. She ran to her right, passing the restrooms and the waiting rooms. She almost fell because it was hard for her body to balance at such great speeds. Once she reached the main office, she asked,

"Where...W-Where is Doctor..." She stopped for a few seconds to catch her breath. "Where is Doctor N-Nichols?" She shouted. The secretary looked scared and confused. She looked Wendy up and down and wondered why this nurse was freaking out so much.

"She went to the bathroom a while ago..." She said, quietly. "Why? Whats wrong?" It was too late, Wendy was running back to where she had previously been. The restrooms were right next to Nick's room. She would go in there, tell her everything that happened, and everything would be better after they found out Nick was okay.

*     *     *

Jasper had worked hard today. He swept the whole second floor, cleaned the main office, and even washed the Mens room. All that was left now, was to clean the Ladies room. He started with the mirror, spraying water and soap all over the corners first. He wiped the substance away with a thick yellow towel. Maybe these ShamWOW!'s were useful afterall. He sprayed what remained of the mirror and wiped that away too. Next, he mopped the floor of dust, dirt, and...poop? Probably the little kids...but this was a Hospital. This should be very sanitary. If he thought that was unsanitary, he had a big surprise waiting for him in the toilets.


He waited for it to dry, wiping sweat off of his forehead. After it dried, he opened the first bathroom stall and started washing it. As soon as he finished, Mrs. Nichols came in. She asked if he minded, then he stepped outside while the doctor did her business. Once she came out, he went back inside, and re-cleaned stall #1.

"Thank you, doctor" He murmured to himself. Once the first stall was clean, he went on to the rest. One by one. Each time he cleaned a stall, he would move to the next one. Every time a foul stench would increase in intensity. He didn't want to know what was behind door #6. Once he reached the second last one, he pulled on it to open it. Something strange happened, though. It wasn't opening. Was it locked? Hmmm... He looked under and saw 2 feet there. One was stained by some brown and red substance. What he didn't see was a shoe. The foot that was stained had a shoe, but the other one was missing. He shuffled through his keys, and found the one he was looking for. After a lot of calling, questions, and warnings, he got no response. He unlocked the door and slowly opened it...and saw a woman. She sat in the toilet with her stomach ripped open and intestines hanging as low as to reach the toilet water. Her mouth was wide open, and so were her eyes. She had a deep red line crossing her throat and her skin was pale white. Before Jasper fainted and fell through to the floor, he heard the bathroom door burst open.

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