Have you ever felt like you're being watched? Have you ever felt like somebody is behind you when you walk? When you're alone? When the lights are off? We all do, at some point. Unfortunately for some of us...this isn't just our imagination.


15. Face Off

After dealing with Francis, Ethan grabbed what was left of him, unlocked the back door, and left him outside on the cold, moist grass. He went back inside, locked it again, and started looking for Sofia. After looking through most of the rooms on the second floor, he entered a room that was a mess. There was clothes everywhere, and the bed was flipped over. It looked as if there was a tornado in here...or...a panic. Ethan looked around and smiled when his eyes met the closet. He heard soft speaking. He slowly walked to the closet without making a sound. The plush carpet completely muffled his footsteps and the only light inside the room was coming from the moonlight from a half open window. He put his ear to the closet and heard Sofia quietly say;

"Please hurry up. plea-" She didn't get to finish before he slowly opened the closet door and smiled revealing his filthy unbrushed teeth. They were covered in blotches of black and brown. He noticed Sofia staring at his bloodied knife. He smiled as he pulled her down the stairs by her hair, her cellphone hanging from her hand.


He tried to make her stop screaming, but pulling her dark brown hair didn't seem to help. He decided he would end her right here, just so she would shut up. She kept fighting back, spitting and scratching at Ethan, but it wouldn't help. She wouldn't stop squirming as his fists collided with her face repeatedly. Smack after smack, Sofia grew weaker and bloodier. Her face was now covered with spots of black and blue. He put his hands around her throat and began to choke her. He would let her breathe every now and then, and then resume and laugh at her pain. He decided she had felt enough, so he lifted her once yellow T-Shirt, and began to slash at her soft belly.


After what seemed like an eternity, Sofia was clinging to life as the cellphone a few feet away from her was sitting there idle. She tried to reach it, but couldn't. Before she died, Sofia heard the front door slam open. She never got to see who it was, but she prayed that it was Nick.


Nick stood there, staring at Sofia's lifeless body as Ethan's hands were covered in blood and bits of Sofia. Ethan smiled, and Nick froze. His heart almost stopped as he realized who this was. It was his Stalker...and he had just killed the love of his life. Ethan stood up, shook his hands, and walked over to Nick. Nick's eyes exploded into tears. He bawled in pain, even though Ethan had not even touched him. There was Sadness for a good 10 seconds. The next moments in Nick's life were filled with complete and utter rage.


Nick's hands curled into fists. Nicks pout became a frown. And his whimpering became growling. He looked at Ethan with more anger than he had ever felt before. Ethan smiled at him and started walking toward him.

"Nick Green", He spoke,"I'm here to-" His voice was interrupted by Nicks fists. Within a few seconds, Ethan was on the floor. Nick's fists pummeled against Ethan's face. Each blow became harder than the last, and soon, Nick's knuckles were red and raw. Ethan finally pushed him off, confused and hurt, he asked what Nick was doing.

"I'm going to end your life, you sick fuck" Nick growled. Ethan didn't know what to do. Half of him wanted to kill Nick more than ever, and the other half wanted to say that he loved him. The first half took over.


Ethan got to his feet and faced Nick. He was wondering what Nick could do, but was caught off guard when Nick flung a pillow at him. Ethan didn't know what good a pillow would do, until he realized it was a distraction. But by the time he realized, he was on the floor feeling even more pain from Nick's feet. It took all of his strength, but Ethan managed to stab Nick's right shin. Nick screamed in pain as Ethan kicked his other foot causing Nick to fall and do even more damage. Ethan pulled the knife out quickly, placed it next to Nick, turned around, and got out through the back door after locking it.

"Y-You...ugh...You Coward!" Nick screamed. Nick wasn't prepared for what he heard next.

"Freeze! Don't move!" It was Francis' backup. Nick thought he was safe when they brought him to his feet, until he heard his Miranda Rights and felt handcuffs slammed on his wrists.

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