Have you ever felt like you're being watched? Have you ever felt like somebody is behind you when you walk? When you're alone? When the lights are off? We all do, at some point. Unfortunately for some of us...this isn't just our imagination.


13. Ethan

"B-Baby?" Nick screamed. He didn't get a response. He was 2 blocks away, and getting no response made him want to drive faster than the car was able to.

"Baby, are you there? Talk to me, please! What's going on over th-there?", Nick cried. He was scared for his girlfriend and hopefully, his future fiancee. When he was one block away, he finally heard something from the cellphone. It was hard to hear at first, but if Nick paid close attention to the sound, it sounded like...the phone was on the floor. On some sort of soft fabric that made the screaming in the background muffled.


The car could only go so fast, and Nick was in a hurry. He was worried about Sofia. After all, there was screaming in the background. When Nick was only a block away, he could vaguely see red and blue lights reflecting off of houses. Police. They were there? Where they inside? Did they just get there? Why...why was Sofia still screaming?


*     *     *


It never was easy to breathe, especially after that fire. His breath was raspy, and soft. Like that of a hungry child, but a bit deeper. At least his bullies that once were knew what had became of him before their gory deaths. The rush that Ethan felt that day was incredible. They finally got what they deserved. After years of torturing and bullying Ethan, he had had enough. He still remembers the warm blood that leaked out of their throats. Somehow, Ethan had managed to kill many people over the decade. Without getting caught, he would sometimes stalk someone he was attracted to.


There was once an incident when there was a man he loved, but the man loved a woman. Ethan wanted to get rid of her. So he did. But when he did, he saw that he was upset. Ethan was frustrated that the man did not love Ethan, but the woman. Filled with rage, Ethan lit the man on fire. Unfortunately, Ethan spilled a small amount of gasoline on himself. He had not noticed, and his body lit up in flames. After putting himself out, he had to flee the scene, but was hit by a massive truck in the escape. Somehow, he was unharmed. Despite his broken leg, Ethan could walk fine and even run. And now, he had another chance at love. All he had to do was eliminate this woman that was also in love with the man he was and it would be over. He wouldn't have to hide his mental illnesses or his love. He would show his true love he was kind, and not insane. He finally had love. He had Nick. After their first night together, he would kill Nick and wear his beautiful skin. It would all be here within a matter of time, he thought, as his blade entered the stomach of Sofia.

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