Have you ever felt like you're being watched? Have you ever felt like somebody is behind you when you walk? When you're alone? When the lights are off? We all do, at some point. Unfortunately for some of us...this isn't just our imagination.


17. Epilogue

Nick walked down the rundown sidewalk of Shell street. There was more trash, litter, and pollution than he had ever seen. The trees were dying, and the grass was dead yellow. This place was deserted. His slow linger was about half his previous walking speed. There was a small breeze in the air, and with it, was a smell of rotting bird corpses. He entered his house that was once his home. It was now ruined. A small tear was forming in his eye as he walked to the nearest motel. Since he was low on money, the one he got wasn't the greatest in the world, but it was something.


As he sat in the small bedroom, he hummed the mockingbird lullaby he had heard so many times. He stroked his long gray beard and started to slowly sob. He cried all evening. When it was dark out, he contemplated suicide. He figured if he would, it should not be here. He got up, turned off the lights, and tried to get some sleep. But he couldn't. He felt a feeling that was long forgotten. The feeling that he was being watched. He sat up on his bed, and waited. He was very sleepy, but he couldn't sleep. His head drooped.


Nick sat in bed. Alone in his dark bedroom, he knew that now was not the time to sleep. If he slept, it would be over. His life would end. Would he die? would be much worse than that. He would have to face that thing that follows him. As much as he hates to admit it, he is feeling very sleepy. His eyelids are growing heavier and heavier. He refuses to sleep. He stands up, almost loosing his balance, and begins to slowly walk towards his light switch, while his wooden floorboards squeak beneath his slow, heavy footsteps. Once he reaches the light switch, he rubs his bloodshot eyes and flips the small switch upwards. Once he does, he is nearly blinded by the bright lights above his head. Apparently, he is not the only one who is disturbed. Behind him, he hears a series of if something behind him was also disturbed by the light. With tired, red eyes, nick slowly turns his head to finally reveal the son of a bitch who was responsible for all of this. His Stalker.


He stood there with no facial expression. His face was burnt and twisted. He looked worse than he remembered. Nick wasn't scared, he just stood there, refusing to show any fear.

"Hello", Nick said. He was not expecting a response, but when he got one, it sent chills up his bony spine. The voice was haunting and raspy, as usual.

"Hello, Nick." Ethan said. No more words were spoken. Nick walked to his bed, laid face up and lifted his thick smelly jacket. He looked at Ethan who was still unknown to Nick and smiled. He spoke once more.

"Just make sure you kill me, first."

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