This is the story of how Marietta fell in love with her best friend.


3. What Does He Want?

”Cool, I’m sure it’ll be great”, I said.

“Yeah, so do I”, he said and smiled.

As the class was over, everyone packed their books down and hurried outside.

I never did that. I always waited for Jovannie, and it always took her forever to pack.

She sat on her knees and packed her books down in her bag, and I stood up against the table and let my thoughts take me away. I looked down and said:
“I just don’t understand. What does he want?”

Jovannie was focused on her books but tried to answer my question.

“He has probably noticed you a lot at school”, she said. “Maybe he finally got courage to talk to you.”

I was confused and started thinking again. It was like a mystery I had to solve.

“Look, can we talk about this after school? At your place?” I asked in a serious tone.

She looked up.

“Of course”, she answered worried.


It was three o’clock. Jovannie and I walked home from school.

As we were walking down the street, a bunch of guys came bicycling in the speed of light.

“You think he’s with them?” I asked Jovannie.

“Hi Marietta!” Ucello shouted.

“Yeah, he is”, I answered myself.

I didn’t really care that much. I mean, he might as well have had a good day. I was sure that he wasn’t going to talk to me again.

We stopped in front of Jovannie’s house. It took us twenty minutes to walk home which is a lot, considering she lived ten minutes away.

Her mother let us in, and Jovannie and I ran upstairs.

I closed the bedroom door and Jovannie let herself fall onto the big, gray bed.

She sighed loud and clear of fatigue.

I carefully sat on the edge of the bed.

I turned my head so I faced her.

“Do you think he’ll talk to me again tomorrow?” I asked quietly.

She had drowned in her thick bed.

“Sure”, she mumbled.

I sat up in the bed, removed the pillow she had placed on her head and smacked her face with it.

“C’mon, I’m serious!” I said and laughed a bit.

“So am I”, Jovannie said to make fun of me.

“I know him… kind of. I’ve seen him in English class”, I said. “But why has he suddenly started talking to me?” I asked in confusion.

Jovannie stretched and looked at me.

“Does it even matter? The fact that he’s started talking to you is awesome!” she said in a positive way.

I smiled.

“I guess you’re right”, I said. “But I just don’t trust it, you know?”

Jovannie sighed once again, rolled her eyes at me and smiled like I was speaking in tongues.

“Stop being so careful all the time”, she said calming.

I looked down.

“Maybe you’re right”, I said.

We were both quiet for a few seconds.

“I have to get going. Papa is probably worried about why I haven’t come home yet”, I said.

Jovannie sat up and said:
“Of course! Remember; call me if Ucello calls you”.

“I will”, I said.

I gave her a tight hug and walked home.

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