This is the story of how Marietta fell in love with her best friend.


2. The Writer

He was on his skateboard, making his way to school as well. He went up next to me and slowed down.

“Marietta! What’s up?” he said and smiled.

I looked at the ground.

“Not much”, I said.

I blushed a bit. He had never really talked to me before.

We were both quiet for a bit. It got a bit awkward, but then he said:

“We have English class together, right?” he smiled to show he was embarrassed.

He had the most gorgeous eyes. They were shiny and green. He had a big, bright smile and two huge dimples. He was the most adorable guy I had ever seen. He was tanned and had dark brown hair.

“Yeah, we do”, I answered shyly.

He looked down in an insecure way and said:
“We should sit together”.

I startled and looked him in the eyes.

He quickly realized it and said:
“I mean if you want to…” and put his left hand behind his neck and started rubbing it.

I gave him a big smile to show my passion for him and said:
“Yeah, we should”.

He smiled back, even grinned a bit. We were in front of the school when he said:
“I have to run; I don’t want to be late for math. But I’ll see you in English”.

He ran towards the entrance. I couldn’t stop smiling, even though everyone stared at me like I was an idiot.

“Mary!” I heard someone shout. I recognized that sweet, girly voice. It was Jovannie. She always called me Mary.

She ran over to me all clumsy with her big bags falling down her arms.

He hugged me. I felt like I almost drowned in her big, crazy hair. Her hair was huge; it was a million tiny curls that just dragged all attention towards them.

“Who was he? He’s cute!” she said loud and clear. She never really knew when to be quiet or what were the right things to say. She was just Jovannie.

“It’s just a guy from English class.  He’s name is Ucello”, I said. “But yeah, he is kind of cute”.

Jovannie's face was filled with freckles which suited her very well when she smiled. She also had very big teeth which made her look silly and innocent in a cute way. I had known her since kindergarten.

She wasn’t a popular kind of person, but I wasn’t either.

“We should go to class”, I said and smiled.


After that, we had a thirty minutes long break. I had my own special spot outside where I always sat by myself. There was this big, old tree outside. I always sat up against it with my laptop and wrote.

I wrote everything; novels, songs, poems. I wrote about everything I felt, everything I saw.

The tree hid me from the suns sharp lights. It was very hot outside in Italy, so sitting underneath a tree was really nice.

As I was writing on a novel, I saw Ucello walk towards me. His tight, white t-shirt made it hard for me to look away.

“Hey”, he said.

“Hey”, I said.

He sat next to me at the tree. He looked at my laptop, came closer and asked:
“What are you writing?”

I was embarrassed. I had never told anyone about it. I closed the laptop, leaned up against the tree and said:
“It’s nothing. I just always write”.

He sat up, pointed at me and asked:
“Are you The Writer?” in a surprised voice.

Yes, I was. I was known as The Writer because it was all I ever did. It was all I ever wanted to do.

“I am”, I said. “Writing is all that I’ve ever been interested in. It’s the only thing I’ve ever loved”.

He looked down at the laptop and said:
“I can help you”.

I was a bit confused and surprised at the same time. He wanted to help me?
“How?” I asked curiously.

I raised his shoulders and smiled.

“I don’t know. You can teach me how to”. He looked me in the eyes and gave me a half smile.

I was falling for his charm, but I had to be smart.

“I’m a writer, not a teacher”, I said and laughed.

He pushed my shoulder and said:
“Yeah, but a girl as smart as you must know how to teach a stupid guy like me”.

I stopped laughing, looked down and grinned.

“Sure”, I said. I looked up again and said:
“But it’s time for English class”.

He stood up, took my hand and pulled me up. We both realized his move and everything turned awkward again. I just smiled and went to class.

I sat at a table in the back with Jovannie. Ucello sat at the front row, but he always looked behind his shoulder to find me.

Jovannie leaned towards my ear and said:
“Mary, he is so checking you out! He likes you so much!”

Luckily, she whispered. Usually she would have just shouted it, but not to be mean; she was just Jovannie.

I looked at my books, pretended to read and said:
“I don’t think so. He’s on the football team and I’m not even invited to parties. Why is he suddenly talking to me today?”

I didn’t understand what he wanted. A guy I kind of knew but had never talked to suddenly started talking to me all day. Why?

“All right, find a partner to do this project with. You have to present it to the class next week”, the teacher said. Of course I already knew where this was going; I had to ask Ucello to be my partner for this project, right? But before I even got off my seat, he stood next to me.

“Marietta, hey”, he said.

“You want to be my partner for the project, right?” I asked.

He looked a bit confused and said:
“Yeah, I do…”

I looked over at Jovannie and smiled.

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