Can You Be Trusted?!

Second book to: If You Really Cared--------

Carter still hasn't found the meaning of her life. She's still learning to trust the five boys she has always known as bullies. Now that her family is all dead, in jail, or hates her guts she has to turn to someone. Who will it be?


9. Chapter 9

Carter's POV

"Ahhh!" I squeal and run fast down the steps in front of Harry. "Carter James!" he screams after me.

"Help! Someone help me! Please?!" I scream out in tears from laughing so hard. I run into the kitchen and see Louis and Logan sitting at the island together... deep in conversation. I really felt like I was interrupting something important. It was too late.

"Ahhh!" I squeal again and beat on Liam's back. "I thought you were on my team!" I laughed and he only gripped me tighter. "Nope!" he popped the 'p'.

"Oh my!" I shut my laughing up. Harry entered with an evil smirk plastered on his face. "Nooo! Harry!" I squeal again. I had forgotten about Logan and Louis. Liam almost dropped me but I think it was on purpose. He turned me around to where I was facing Harry.

"Nooo!" again I scream and Harry begins to tickle me. "Ahhh!" I squeal even more and the tickling only increases. I start to smack at Harry and he grabs my wrist. My wrist! The pain was ten times worse then before and it sent a running sensation up my arm

"Ahhh!" I cant help but let out, without laughs. "Sorry! What happened?" he stops tickling and Liam lets me down. I look at Liam and he's the only one who knows what happened.

"Let go of her wrist Harry." he says calmly and Harry drops my wrist. Tears are threatening to fall and I have to just look ahead in fear they would.

"What happened?!" Louis asks. He and Logan are now standing in front of us. "Nothing I..." but Liam cuts me off.

He picks me up and sets me on the counter. He instructs Harry to get some medicine, while Louis and Logan watch hopefully. Liam lifts up the sleeve of my shirt and I hear gasps. Louis, Logan, and Zayn. I roll my eyes and let Liam go on. Harry soon comes back with the medicine and Liam coats it over my arm.

"Ok this might burn," he looks at me, fear in his eyes. "Do it." I state and he nods. "I don't want to hurt you," he fusses and I get annoyed.

"Please," I just stare ahead. He coats the medicine over my arm and for about two seconds I'm fine, then it sets in. The sting. The burn. The agonizing pain. I grip the closest hand to me. Louis's.

"Damn't!" I holler out and squint my eyes close. I hear the sink running and a few seconds later a damp cloth is laid over my arm. After he's finished and the burn is almost completely gone but I'm still holding tight to Lou's hand. I attempt to let go but he wont let me.

"Can we talk?" he asks and I nod. He leads me upstairs our hands still intertwined. He opens up the bathroom door and leads me in.

"The bathroom?" I ask with a weird smirk. "I don't want to be bothered," he shrugs and locks the door. He sets me up on the counter and stands between my legs. Our hands still intertwined but his other hand rests on the counter.

"What's up with Logan?" he goes right out and asks. "What do you mean?" I ask innocently, too innocently.

"Carter..." his face is serious. "C'mon, there is something there..." he plays with my fingers in his hand but he wont look me in the eyes.

"I honestly don't know... but I love you Louis! You." I state what I can manage but he still wont look up.

"Logan saved me, he didn't r-rape me or bully me... But he doesn't love me the way I... hope you do," I sigh out as the words get jumbled in my mouth.

"I do love you, more than him. More than anyone... I am in love with you!" he smiles up at me. "More than I love you?" I don't give him time to answer. "Never.." I smirk and crash my lips into his.

He moans in the back of his throat and I smile through the kiss. He licks my bottom lip and I open up for him. His arms pull away from me and he lifts up my shirt. I let him...

"Open up!" Zayn beats on the door and we pull away quickly. "Sorry," Louis's lips touch mine once more and he lifts me off the counter.

"Prove it to me...." he says as we walk down the stairs. "What?"

"Prove to me your mine... not his," he plays the puppy dog eyes and I laugh. "We'll see" I smirk and he groans. "C'mon baby..." I laugh and pull him along. His head stays on my shoulder and he wont let my hand go. Logan sits on the couch with Harry and Liam while Zayn is still upstairs.

I sit down on the couch, squished between the side and Logan. Louis happily plants himself on my lap.

"Well yea Louis have fun!" I laugh and he wiggles in my lap. "I will! Trust me!" he pats my knee and leans back. I can feel he's lifting some of his own weight so that he's not completely sat on me. My hands rest in his messy hair and he leans toward the side so I can see the tv. 'Friends' is on and the boys laugh along with it.

"Where is Niall?" I ask the obvious question. "He's off with Savannah!" Harry smirks. "Ohhh, I see," I laugh.

"I guess I have some competition... I always thought Niall would be mine," I play and Louis slaps my thigh.

"Ow!" I hit his arm. "Uh bitch!" he acts stuck up making me smile even more. "Yep!" I smirk and plant my lips on his.

"Please?! Get a room!" Zayn shouts walking in. I can tell he's just redone his hair and he's wearing a new outfit.

"Lets go get our room!" Louis laughs and stands up. "I'm good!" I smile and pull him back down. Logan has been keeping quiet this whole time and I guess I know why... Louis.

"I'm going to go for a walk..." I stand up and push Louis off of me. "Lets go babe!" Louis grabs my hand but I drop it.

"Alone..." I say and walk towards the door. "I need to think," I kiss him once more, in front of Logan.

"I'll be back in twenty! Promise." I smiled and shut the door behind me. That was the biggest lie I ever told.


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