Can You Be Trusted?!

Second book to: If You Really Cared--------

Carter still hasn't found the meaning of her life. She's still learning to trust the five boys she has always known as bullies. Now that her family is all dead, in jail, or hates her guts she has to turn to someone. Who will it be?


8. Chapter 8

Harry's POV

"Louis!" Carter giggled as Louis tickled her. I looked sadly at them. Im still trying to figure out my feelings for Carter...I don't think I like her as more than a friend or sister but then again I'm not really sure. I sigh and Liam notices from beside me.

"You alright mate?" he pats my back and I let out another sigh just not as obvious as the last one. "Yea." I lie and put on a fake smile. I look back to Carter, she's getting along with everyone just fine again but I haven't had any chance to talk to her. I don't even know what I would say... I'm sorry? I really was trying to protect you? I love you? I don't like you? I have no idea.

"Hey guys!" Charlotte smiles at us. We all sit on the bleachers by the football field. Charlotte had talked us into it but lucky for Nialler he didn't have to. He actually made Abby quite pissed today when she saw him holding hands and walking home with Savannah. They just laughed and continued their walk.

"Harry..." she waves her hand in my face and I come back to reality. I haven't been at all myself today... I knew it was obvious but when I get in these moods I cant hide them at all.

"You alright?" she asks. "Why does everyone ask that?!" I shout and stand up. "Hey, mate calm down." Zayn stands beside me.

"I cant just calm down!" I feel the rage building up and I don't know how to stop it.

"If you told us what's wrong maybe..." I cut Louis off. "No! It's not that simple!" I avoid eye contact with Carter and brush past them. I storm off the bleachers and go to the only place I know... The brick wall. Memory bricks more likely, everyday for years this is where I beat Carter. We brought her here daily, made her late for class, I cut her leg, I... A tear fell.  Wiped it away and punch the wall. Hard.

"Damn't!" I shout and hold my throbbing hand to my chest. The thriving pain overcomes my wrist and all I can do is hold it close.

"Harry?" her tender voice blows past the wall and if I listen I can hear the footsteps quickening towards me. I see her small figure circle the corner and come into my full view.

"Hey," I remember when we were friends and we were both bullied by others she'd calm me with these exact words... That's how I knew what she would say.

"You alright Hazza?" she doesn't seem to be funny when she says my famous nickname, instead her voice is filled with compassion and sadness. She reaches up, and her cold finger wipes away the tears that I hadn't bothered yet.

"Yea." I look away. "Hey," she comes to the other side and faces me again. I want to turn away, be the normal stubborn Harry, but in a way I really want her in my arms. Just to be friends will work, she has always been the little sister I never had and I love her. That's how I loved her like a sister! Right?

"Harry," she laughs and waves a hand bringing me from my deep thoughts.

"Yea?" I respond calmly this time. "Talk to me?" she says in the form of a question.

"Hi Carter." I attempt to do as she said and talk to her. "Hey Harry!" her smiles disappears but she tries to add excitement to her voice.

"Oh my gosh! Harry!" she's shouting. "What happened?!" she calms down a bit but shes staring right at my now, bright red, throbbing, and bruised hand.

"I punched the wall," I gestured with my other hand towards the bricks. "Ouch..." she says more to herself than to me. She pulls the sleeve of my jacket down and covers the hand.

"C'mon then..." she motions and pulls me along behind her. I trudge slowly behind her and we meet up with the boys.


Carter's POV

"Carter!!!" Logan's voice echoes through the wind and I turn to face him. His smile is fresh and plastered all over his face. I leave the boys behind and rub into his arms. The warmth welcomes me, I sigh and breathe in the smell of spearmint.

"Hey Logan," I say happily into his shoulder. "I see you'll have all made up!" he laughs and pulls away.

"Yea we did!" I smile and see them coming towards us. "Harry was a little harder but yea we're good,' I whisper into his ear and he nods.

"Good to know!" he whispers back and he doesn't seem mad at all. I smile at this and turn around to face Louis.

"We okay?" he asks uncomfortably. I have to think about this but don't have time. "Perfect!" I smile at him.

"It's getting really cold out..." Zayn walks over wrapping his arms around himself. All the boys, even Logan, send him some pretty weird looks. I laugh and hug him.

"It's alright Zayn!" I finally can smell the cologne on him and its actually a nice smell. "Thanks Carter!" I can feel his smirk even though I cant see his face.

I pull away only to have him pull me back. "I'm just now getting warm," Zayn whines making me laugh.

"Can we go home now?" Harry interrupts and holds up his broken hand. "Oh yea! Come on we have to go fix up Harry guys..." I laugh and hold up Harrys arm.

"What home?" Liam asks. "What do you mean?"

"What house are you going to? Logan's or Louis's?" I finally think about this.

"I... -I-I don't k-know..." I stammer out but their all staring at me.

"That's later... For now I need to help Harry," I wrap the jacket tighter on his hand and grip it.

"Lets go..." Louis motions. "Could I follow?" Logan asks. "Yes!" I answer too quickly which also collects a lot of stares.

"Yea," I answer more calmly and climb into the car behind with Louis on my other side. We all talk some. Laugh. Enjoy ourselves. But I know Louis well enough to notice he's not being himself at all. I mean 'at all'...




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