Can You Be Trusted?!

Second book to: If You Really Cared--------

Carter still hasn't found the meaning of her life. She's still learning to trust the five boys she has always known as bullies. Now that her family is all dead, in jail, or hates her guts she has to turn to someone. Who will it be?


7. Chapter 7

Carter's POV

I sat down awkwardly in between Niall and Louis, neither Harry or Liam looked at me.

"Well hello Carter!" Niall smiled and kissed my cheek. "Hi Niall," I giggled. I looked longingly at Harry and he stared down at his plate not even bothering to acknowledge me. I don't know why or how but something sparked inside of me and I decided I wasn't leaving this school with any of the boys mad at me.

"Hey Liam, Hey Harry..." I smile the biggest smile I could manage at them.

"Hey," Harry looks briefly but as soon as our eyes meet he gazes away. I looked at Liam, still no acknowledgement or eye contact. I shrug it off and Louis's fingers intertwine in mine.

"Carter..." Liam finally looks up but with an upset look covering his face. "Can I talk to you?" Louis eyes him. "Just you." he adds quickly and stands up.

"Sure..." I respond nervously and look to Louis for any bit of advice. He shrugs and Liam's warm hand wraps tightly around my wrist.  I wince at the pain from only a week ago. He doesn't seem to notice but when we reach the hall he definitely does...

"What's wrong?" he asks as if I've just fallen deep in a black pit and he still cant see the problem.

"Nothing..." I shake it off and he drops my wrist. I cant help but let out a sigh at the easing pain.

"Carter..." he looks weirdly down at me and I put my arms behind my back. "Hand me your arm." he demands and I hand him the 'ok' one.

He pulls up the sleeve to reveal nothing. "See? Nothing to worry about!" I smiled awkwardly.

"Other." he doesn't make any expression. "Liam," I try to change subject but out of any of the boys, even Logan, Liam sees through me the best. That's why if I need to talk its always him or Louis I go to first.

"Now." his face hasn't changed and he stares down at me. I can make out a bit of hurt in his eyes but the sternness soon overcomes any sign of it. I slowly lift my right wrist and he takes it carefully. He holds it with his fingertips lightly and I close my eyes as he lifts the sleeve. I feel him turn my wrist to look at the inside and his gasp that's heard says it all.

"What the hell were you thinking?!" he looks at me sternly but the angriness is soon replaced with sympathy, sadness, and sorrow.

"Look Liam..." I couldn't explain the brand new cuts that sat there. "It was only once... I- I was going through so much with..." I gaze off into the distance and end the sentence quickly not wanting to go on.

"with what?" he asks moving closer to me. It was like the whole purpose of talking to me was changed completely and he slips a stray piece of hair behind my hair. He's not near close enough for our faces to touch, or even hands but he's about eight inches away, a perfect distance where no one can hear but us.

"With what?" he asks slowly again pulling me out of my train of thoughts. I bring my gaze back to him and his lips are curved in a half smile half frown kind've thing. I sigh knowing that I'm about to tell him.

"Look it was the night I was told about Kyle's funeral... the memories all came back. I guess without you'll there to help me think about the good times I was focused on all the bad. I also was still in an awkward situation with... never mind-" he interrupts right then.

"With who?" he asks instantly. "Its nothing really," I'm trying to avoid that night I ran from them as much as possible.

"Carter, you've already told me all this..." he makes his point and after that there is no going back. Again I let out a sigh, which by now you should know this is how I always begin telling my secrets or some memory I'm bringing back, or really anything like that...

"The night I ran away... Logan he," I paused. "What did he do?!" he was almost shouting and it caused me to put a finger to his lips.

"Logan saved me..." I whisper and his reaction becomes scared yet relieved.

"Why did you need saving?" he asks with a worried tone and my finger still rests on his lips.

"Oh," I pull it away. "Well, his brothers... they r-raped m-" again I was cut off.

"Raped you?" he said with rage but not as loud as last time. "Yea... You know that dark alley by Louis's?" he nods in response.

"Well, I was trying to get away quick... They found me there," I shrug and he just stares at me.

"Carter I hope you know Harry thought he was protecting you," he sighs.

"Yea... Well I still fell there was a better way then that," I bring us both back the memories of when they would beat and bully me.

"Carter-" I cut him off this time. "Liam, do we need to go there?" he shakes his head like a five year old making me smile but no laugh finds its way out.

"Liam, I know you'll didn't know, and..." I hesitate at this next part. "I forgive Harry too," I'm embraced in his arms and it feels right... Not like when I'm with Louis but right in a way I'll never fully understand.

"Liam, I really do love you!" I smile up at him to be kissed on my forehead lightly.

"I love you too!" he smiles. "Like sister?" the smirk that I've gotten so used to finally returns and I blush.

"Like brother!" I laugh and he shifts us to where his arm is placed lightly on top of my shoulders and we walk back to lunch.

"Alright?" Louis asks imediantly. "Perfect!" I smile landing a quick kiss on his lips. I see his blush appear and this time I only kiss his cheek. Now all I had to talk to was Harry... How hard would that be?

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