Can You Be Trusted?!

Second book to: If You Really Cared--------

Carter still hasn't found the meaning of her life. She's still learning to trust the five boys she has always known as bullies. Now that her family is all dead, in jail, or hates her guts she has to turn to someone. Who will it be?


6. Chapter 6

Carter's POV

"Ouch," I groan after someone pushes me hard against the lockers. "Bitch," the boy mutters as he walks away laughing with two others. I notice Harry and Zayn walking my way. I expect them to stop but they don't, Zayn gives me a slight smile but Harry faces the ground the whole time. I sigh and continue onto my next class.

This class just happens to have Louis, Liam, and Niall and there is only two seats left. One behind Louis and beside Niall, or one beside Louis, in front of Niall, and Liam on my other side.

I take the one beside Louis and he looks away. "Hi," I muster but they don't seem to notice.

"Hi Carter," Niall's smile gives me a bit of hope but other than that Louis wont say anything and Liam completely ignores me... at least Louis will look at me. The next thing we had was lunch and I had no idea who, or where I was going to sit/sit with. I got up and collected my books with much struggle. My arm still experienced random shots of pain and my stomach was still no where near recovery. Logan's mom had helped out a lot by tending to it each night but the bruises were still clear as day and dark as night. If anyone was to punch, kick, or just playfully hit my stomach I was sure to fall down in pain. I followed everyone out, the only person behind me just happened to be Louis.

"There's the bitch..." someone cooed as I made my way to my locker. "There she is!" a girl gutted me against the lockers not allowing me any movement. It brought back all the memories of when it used to be Harry or Zayn who pushed it on like this. I had to talk to Louis. Thinking about anything to do with the boys only made me more sure of it. I had to. And I had a plan...

Louis's POV

"C'mon then lad!" Zayn egged me on until I slapped him. Hard across the cheek.

"Well what'd you do that for?!" he asked in shock and pain. "Shut up. Just shut the hell up." I say through my teeth and he backs up.

"I'm sorry, I just..." he interrupts. "Carter?" he throws an arm across my shoulders. "Yea," I sigh realizing I cant lie to Zayn.

"It will work out... soon enough,"

"Yea, but maybe not soon enough for me." I look at the negatives in things as always but still I manage to find a bit of hope. Just a bit.

"Heellooo!!!" Niall smiles widely at us. "Since when do you say 'hello' to me?" I ask with a laugh.

"Since now!" he claps his hands and walks between us. His arms are around each of our shoulders and we just laugh.

"Someone's in a good mood," Zayn smirks. "SAVANNAH!!!" I shout forcing Niall to throw a hand across my mouth. "Shut it!" he becomes stern. I hold my arms up in surrender, his hand still covers my mouth, and we make our way slowly to lunch.

"Sooo, Louis where is Carter?" Niall's hand is removed from my mouth and his sternness has been replaced by a huge smile.

"Don't know," I shrug. "Well you should talk to her...." he plays with my hair and I shoo his hand away.

"Why?" "Just cous," he's now prancing down the hallway like a five year old. He stops and points behind us. Me and Zayn both look and see Carter getting bullied by a group of two boys and three girls. I sigh at the look of it and Niall notices.

"Go..." he signs to her again and I shrug. "What can it hurt?" I shrug.

"YOUR HEART!" Zayn shouts overly loud and Niall throws a hand over his mouth. I look at them, Niall makes a hand motion with his free hand and I walk towards her.

"Bitch! Here take my money!" a guy holds a twenty out to her. "Why wont she take it?!" a girl laughs.

"I don't know, I guess someone's paying more tonight?!" the same guy shrugs.

"Or that Louis boy... Yea how much do you pay him?!" a girl laughs. "Cous I know if he's anywhere near his right mind he would never pay you! You have to be paying him!" the girl laughs and I cant believe she would say what she just did.

"Leave her alone!" I shout at them. Carter looks up from her spot on the floor with sadness in her eyes. "I said leave her alone!" I shout again.

"C'mon..." I hold a hand out for her and help her up. "Louis I..." I put a hand over her mouth. The people are staring at us. A lot of them gave weird and confused faces.

"Here..." I do the only thing I can think of and push her into the girls bathroom.

"What the.." she mutters through my hand. "Oh sorry," I laugh and pull my hand away.

"Louis Im so sorry!" she hugs me tightly. I don't mind how tight it is but just feeling her arms around me once again feels so right.

"I ma too," I sigh. "Why?! You shouldn't be sorry at all!" she kisses my cheek and pulls from the hug.

"Yea, I should have told you at the funeral I didn't know," I sigh.

"Well damn." I state after she slaps me. "No. Even if you did know there was no reason for me to be mad at even Harry... I don't see how but in some way in his mind he was protecting me... or trying at least." she shrugs.

"I love you Carter!" I smile and cant resist. Before she even has the chance to say 'you too' our lips are crashed against each others. I hold her face, cupping it gently in my hands, and her arms rest on my neck. As we get more into it her hands slide slowly up my neck and find my hair, as she finds her fingers make their way through my hair I move my hands towards her waist. She pulls away.

"Im so sorry," I apologize over and over again after realizing what I did. Imagine how uncomfortable she must be. I ruined it. You ruined it Louis!

"Louis!" she brings me back into reality. "Don't be," she smiles and lands a quick kiss on my lips. She intertwines her fingers in mine and leads me out of the bathroom.

"Ohh, How much did that cost Lou?" someone shouts at him but I ignore it. She leads me through the halls and to lunch.

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