Can You Be Trusted?!

Second book to: If You Really Cared--------

Carter still hasn't found the meaning of her life. She's still learning to trust the five boys she has always known as bullies. Now that her family is all dead, in jail, or hates her guts she has to turn to someone. Who will it be?


5. Chapter 5

Carter's POV

"Wake up!! Wake up!! Wake your ass up!" Logan shouted into my ears and I shot awake. He died out laughing.

"What?" I blushed. He curled up at the end of the bed and continued his laughing streak.

"Your face!" he pointed and only started laughing again. I tried so hard not to but I let out a laugh then quickly swallowed it.

"If your going to school... C'mon then!" he shouted again and held out his hand for me.

"What time is it?" I said through a yawn and he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. "Ahhh! PUT ME DOWN!!" I threatened and he only ran faster. Finally he dropped me and I took my seat at the island beside Will. We didn't talk much, since he was one of the two who abused me.

"Morning..." he groaned at me. "Morning," I replied. "It will be 6:35 in one minute!" Logan laughed and answers my previous question. "So its 6:34?" I ask. "Yep!" he makes me laugh as he pops the 'p'.

"I need to get ready..." I say then remember I have no makeup, clothes, anything...

"What you going to wear?" its like he can read my mind as he asks this. "Don't know..." I shrug and answer honestly.

"Mom!! Carter needs some of Karen's clothes!!!" Will shouts through out the house and we both stare at him.

"What?!" he gives us an evil look and we both die out laughing. "You know what?! Shut the hell up!" he shouts, gets up, leaves his cereal bowl, and runs upstairs. This makes us laugh only harder.

"Here sweetie..." Mrs. Jane brings in some dark skinny jeans, a blue flowing top that fell just below my waist but went a bit longer in the back. She had picked out some dark blue flats and held a makeup bag.

"Oh my..." I gasp at this all in her arms. "Karen really needs to get the rest of her stuff..." she laughs. Karen was their older sister. She was about twenty and was in college, it was weird how perfectly her clothes fit me.

"Thanks..." I smiled taking the clothes from her arms. "Oh yea and here," she slips me a grocerie bag.

"Some girl stuff... Didn't think Logan wanted to see that," she makes a sad face and I laugh.

"Mommm,,," Logan groans and I only laugh harder. "Well, I'll go get changed..." I laugh and carry the things upstairs with me.


Louis's POV

"Charlotte!" I'm shouting now. "I said I wasn't in the mood!" I say through my teeth trying to hold in the urge to punch her.

"Look! Carter knows!" she shouts back and I look at the people walking by that were giving us weird looks.

"Knows what?!" I calm my voice a bit. "She knows that you had no idea about her family." she lays a hand on my shoulder and I stare down at it.

"She loves you Louis." she holds me firmly. "No she doesn't." my face fills with jealousy at the thought.

"She's with that damn Logan boy," I fuss. "NO!" she shouts again. "she loves you, she told him, he told me," she calms down and removes her hand from my shoulder.

"You really think so?" I smile but quickly hide it. "She's my sister... I know so," she laughs.

"Well really... you've only been sisters for a day..." I shrug and she slaps me.

"What the hell was that for?!" I shout. "Sisters can get in fights." she states.

"Not fights where one sister literally is about to kill the other!" I retort back with a smirk. Again she slaps me and I cant hold my face because of the books in my hand.

"She loves you!" she hollers and with that she runs off. She catches up with Avalon and I round the corner to find the others. I don't see them but then there is Niall and Savannah. Savannah leans against the brick wall of the school and Niall stands in front of her.

"So we can today?" Niall asks. I smirk at them and the fact that they haven't noticed me yet.

"Id love too, but I have to warn you my mom..." he interrupts her. "Its fine Savannah," he kisses her cheek and from where I'm standing I can see her blushing.

"Awww," I coo and they both roll their eyes. "Lets go to school!" I start to skip and they laugh.

"Louis." Niall yanks my arm back but I keep singing. "LOUIS!" he shouts. "Well thanks for ruining my jig!" I play but stop dead in my tracks when I see where he's pointing. We move closer.

"Thank you so much!" she hugs him. "Anything for you!" he laughs and pokes her nose. "Stop..." she moans and he laughs harder.

"Have fun!" he smirks and kisses her forehead. "NO!" she hollers and acts serious. Jealousy boils inside me and I'm about to go run up to them when Niall stops me. I cant take it anymore so I turn and go the other way.

Niall's POV

"Screw this." Louis states in jealousy, turns, and walks away. Me and Savannah stay to listen.

"What about Louis?" Logan asks. "I'll try, I'll never forgive myself for being so harsh to him," Carter looks to the ground.

"Carter..." Logan uses his fingers to pull her chin up gently. "You always have me if he isn't there," he hugs her.

"Thanks Logan, Im going to miss homeschooling with you," she smiles. "Who wouldn't?!" he smirks and she smacks her arm playfully.

"Shut up?!" she laughs. "Well hell with you!" he leans in to kiss her lips but she puts up a hand.

"Only without Louis... remember?!" she laughs. "Right..." he sighs and gets back in the car.

"Bye Logan she hugs him one last time and he drives off. "She does love him..." I whisper.

"Who that boy or Louis?" I had forgotten Savannah was beside me. "Louis..." I sigh and look to the ground.

"Niall," she brings my chin up the way Logan did to Carter. "Time will work itself out," she smiles and I peck her cheek. Carter sees us but keeps walking. Savannah takes my hand an we follow Louis to our homeroom.

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