Can You Be Trusted?!

Second book to: If You Really Cared--------

Carter still hasn't found the meaning of her life. She's still learning to trust the five boys she has always known as bullies. Now that her family is all dead, in jail, or hates her guts she has to turn to someone. Who will it be?


36. Chapter 36

Liam's POV

I went into my room and threw myself on the bed. The thoughts have been getting worse than ever... What if the baby is mine? It cant be! Could it?

"Liam..." Carter's soft voice rang from right outside the door. Before I could answer the door creaked open and she smiled slightly as she stepped inside. Without saying a word she moves towards me and slides herself up onto the bed beside me. I hold her waist and pull her closer. Her head finds itself resting on my shoulder and it becomes quiet enough to hear us breathing.

"What's wrong?" she asks and rubs circles on my hand, which rests on my knee.

"Carter, it could be mine... it could b-" I trail off and cant finish.

"I think its a little late for that to happen and... we don't know if- If I'm pregnant yet," she assures and then the door opens again. In comes Savannah followed by a teary Niall. Savannah shuts the door and holds Niall again. They stand for a moment and Savannah sits herself down. Niall sits beside her but lays his head in her lap while she plays with his messy hair.

"Ni, can I tell them?" she asks silently and he nods in reply. His head moves like a four year old in her lap and she lets a tear escape.

"He- he g-got a phone call today," she begins and looks at us. I look down at Carter and she looks at them, listening for more.

"T-they said-" she begins again but Niall cuts her off, he sits up and looks at us. Fear, pain, regret, confusion... all these things are showing in his eyes and I know there is so much more that we can't see.

"Someone- I don't know who- called. T-they said I-its not over yet," he shakes his head and Carter embraces him.

"Niall, why? Why didn't you call us right after?" she cries into his shoulder. He pulls away and looks behind at Savannah,

"I wanted to tell you'll face-to-face... It w-was too serious, I'm s-scared. I d-don't want to g-go back there," he begins to cry again and Savannah hugs him from behind.

"You wont. Niall, we wont." I say and pat his shoulder. He looks at me and nods. "I promise," Carter finishes for me then gazes at me with uneasy eyes. Even she. Even she is unsure if we'll have to go back, even she knows she could have just made a promise that's impossible to keep.


Carter's POV

After every tear was dried and Liam wanted to get a shower, I follow Niall and Savannah down the stairs. We get down, Niall and Savannah go to the lounge and share a couch. For once Niall doesn't bother to get any food but instead he buries his face in her hair and kisses her after pulling away. I smile and imagine me and Lou. Louis...

"Louis?" I call out for him and walk towards the family room. I find him there, sitting alone, by the dead fire place, only ashes sit in place and he rubs his shoulder.

"Louis," I say again and move beside him. I sit down and look at his shoulder, a burn mark scrapes a line from the top of his right shoulder towards his upper back.

"Oh my gosh!" I freak out after I see it for the first time. He slants his head a bit and looks.

"Meh," he sounds and turns back to the ashes.

"Louis.." I speak again, I move closer to him so I can wrap my arm around his and lean on his shoulder but he pulls away. I look at him and he stands. He walks out without saying anymore and whispers something about Liam. It hurt watching him walk away from me like that but what could I do?

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