Can You Be Trusted?!

Second book to: If You Really Cared--------

Carter still hasn't found the meaning of her life. She's still learning to trust the five boys she has always known as bullies. Now that her family is all dead, in jail, or hates her guts she has to turn to someone. Who will it be?


35. Chapter 35

Carter's POV

"Liam..." I look at him and he's staring at my stomach. He quickly looks back to me.

"Is it alright to be scared?" I ask. "Of course love!" I smile at her.

"We're right here," Savannah coos and Carter sends her a warm smile.

"Alright sweetie, This will be super easy!" the nurse smiles cheekily at us and Carter squeezes my hand tight.

"I'll just rub this over your stomach a few times and in three days your results will be at you house! Alright?" Carter nods in answer. The nurse guides her to the table/cushion thing and Carter lays down. I move my chair over and sit beside her. The lady sits her up and removes her shirt, leaving only a bra.

"Don't be shy dear," she smiles and gestures for Carter to lie back down. Savannah sits back against the wall and I take hold of Carter's hand.

"So if there is a child will you be the lucky daddy?!" the nurse smirks at me.

"No!" I laugh. "I'm just a friend," I nod. "A brother," Carter whispers and smiles at me. The lady rubs some gel over her stomach and begins the test. The whole time Carter keeps her eyes on me and I try to look back at her but I cant help looking at the nurse's moving hands sometimes. They move swiftly across her skin carrying the small black box connected to a chord with them.

"See? Not hard at all," she smiles at lays the box down by another foreign machine. Carter smiles at both of us and sits up. I can tell she's trying to be strong... its not really working.

"Here use this," the lady hands me a towel. Why hand it to me? Carter watches her weirdly walking away (thinking the same thing I am) and I laugh. I begin to rub her stomach and take all of the gel off.

"Thanks," she laughs a little and I just smile lightly.

"Ready dear?" the nurse smiles a cheeky smile and hands Carter her shirt.

"Yes mam," Carter answers politely and takes the shirt from her. She slides it over her head and nods.

"Ready?" I ask and take her hand. "Yep," she pops the 'p' and stands. Savannah follows us out of the hospital and we all get into the cold car.

Louis's POV

"I'll just be calling Carter," I holler back down the stairs to Harry. I slam my bedroom door shut and dial her number. Apparently Carter, Liam, and Savannah had all taken the same car. I thought Liam had a date! Anger is raging through me but I know I have to hold it in. I have promised Carter plenty of times before I wont just jump to conclusions... Even though I've been doing that a lot lately.

"Hello?" her soft, sweet voice answers after four rings.

"Hey Carter... So what happened with Liam?" I just come out and ask. What else was I supposed to do?

"Oh, Uh well I hate to talk about it around Liam but the girl called today and blew him off... We felt bad so we let him come with us... Sorry I didn't tell you," she sounded upset and I don't know why I ever got so mad in the first place. Besides, if they really wanted 'Carter and Liam Time' then why would Savannah go with them?

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I was just making sure everything is okay!"

"Alright Louis, that's why I love you!" I smiled to myself at her saying this. "Goodbye!" she said a bit rudely and hung up before giving me a chance.

"Bye," I mutter to myself. Something is going on... I feel so blind because I know something isn't right but I feel like she would tell me... wouldn't she?


A car door slammed outside and two seconds later Savannah ran in. Niall hugged her tight and whispered something while she nodded and I noticed he had teary eyes. They quickly left and went up to one of the guest rooms, the one Niall always stays in when he's here.

I slowly move to the window and peer out around the curtain. There is frost covering the ground, two cars parked on the concrete driveway, Liam's car parked on the lawn where he always parked, and Carter and Liam standing beside it. They were a good five inches apart, no touching, just talking. Liam says something making Carter look down the road and her hands go to her mouth in a scared way. What can he be saying to her?! He says something else and hugs her. She nods slowly and begins to come to the door. She turns, says one last thing, and runs inside.

The door slams and I quickly move away from the window before she sees me.

"Carter!" I smile at her and embrace her in my arms. She hesitates and then hugs back. "Hi Lou," she whispers in my ear sending shivers down my spine. She pulls away and glances at Liam after he's walked in. He shakes his head and runs up the stairs to his room.

"What happened?" I ask looking after him. "Louis... The girl called him and told him he wasn't good enough," she shakes her head and stares to the floor. I believe her! But there is just this one small part of me that says not to.

"Oh no poor Liam," Zayn sighs after listening. "Is it alright if I go talk to him?" she nods at me, pain clearly in her eyes. I pat her arm and nod. I hug her one last time and watch her jog up the stairs after him.

The door slams... and now there in a room alone.

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