Can You Be Trusted?!

Second book to: If You Really Cared--------

Carter still hasn't found the meaning of her life. She's still learning to trust the five boys she has always known as bullies. Now that her family is all dead, in jail, or hates her guts she has to turn to someone. Who will it be?


32. Chapter 32

Carter's POV

"Carter you want me to sleep with you tonight?" Louis asked. It was already 12:45 and nothing has happened. (with the whole girl thing and me being pregnant). Should I let him stay with me tonight? What if I keep waking him up... I haven't slept a full night without waking up at least twice in almost four days. He needs sleep... I don't want to wake him up at all. I look back at him, I cant help but notice haw sad he looks.

"Uh, I don't know..." I look at Liam but not on purpose. He just shrugs and looks away. I look back at Louis but he seems to be still looking oddly at Liam.

"Louis?!" I wave a hand in his face and he turns back. "I guess you can if you want to," I wave my hands carelessly and walk off. I don't bother saying goodnight to anyone and I lay down on his bed.

"Are you sure your alright?" he asks again. "Yes," I say really annoyed and pull the covers over me. He lays down beside me and comes closer. I love him... I really do but I cant just act like everything is alright when I'm hiding so much from all of them. I would love to let him hold me and tell me its all alright but he cant know anything.

"Not now Louis..." I say and he sighs. He backs away and doesn't even touch me. I turn my back to him and wait for him to fall asleep. This is the part of the night where I stay up three hours thinking of everything  that's going on.

Louis's POV

I don't understand anything right now... first Carter doesn't know if she should let me sleep in *MY* bed with her, then before she decides she looks at Liam, why Liam? Then when she finally lets me sleep with her she rejects any communication at all from me,  she wont even talk to me. Something is wrong and I cant help but feel like there is something going on between Liam and Carter.

I remember her and Liam in the car that night that I came home from the hospital. They were all snuggled together... What did I miss while I was 'dead'? It had to be a lot because Carter really doesn't want to talk to me lately. Does she feel bad that we did 'it' when she and Liam supposedly had something already going on?

Liam's POV

'Ok... there is something going on. Carter is up to something, she's acting so weird lately. She didn't know if she wanted Louis to sleep with her, she didn't laugh this morning in the bathroom she just acted really mad, she looked at me before answering Louis, she didn't throw up today, she has ate only junk food when used to she liked to balance the foods out.'

I sigh deeply and look around the almost pitch black room. I decide to start the fire because I'm going to be here for a while. I get up, start the fire, grab a blanket, then sit back down. The fire feels good and it heats the small room quickly.

'What was that?' I ask myself after hearing a low thump coming from the kitchen. If it's Carter then I know she wont come in here... she knows I'll ask her why she looked at me during the whole Louis thing... she probably wouldn't come in if she knew anyone was in here. I've noticed she doesn't spend any 'alone' time with any of us.

I slowly stand and as quietly as possible, make my way towards the kitchen. I was right, there she is making chocolate milk. She used to hate chocolate milk! I silently take a seat at the island and wait for her to turn around.

"Ah!" she jumps after seeing me, I let out a small laugh and she stares at me. "Damn you Liam!" she curses and goes back to mixing her chocolate milk.

"I thought you hated chocolate milk?" I go serious too.

"No I don't." she defends and stands in front of me.

"We need to talk." I try to forget about rude tone of voice she just used and demand she talks to me.

"No we don't," she shakes her head. I get up, move closer to her ,and before she can move away I pick her up bridal style. I carry her, while she carries her drink, to the couch and set her down. I don't allow her to refuse and I pull the blanket up over us.

"Now. I know something is wrong and your going to tell me. And before you start the excuses you've been using for everyone else, just know that you cant lie to me. I see right through you." I stare down at her and she looks away quickly so that we don't make eye contact.

"Carter I have an idea of what's wrong..." I state after she hasn't said anything for at least a minute.

"Liam. nothings wrong..." she shakes her head and I see the tear fall.

"Carter if you don't tell me, I'll tell you." I state and rub her arm. "Tell me what Liam?" she looks sternly at me and I hate how she's been using my name in every sentence.

"Your pregnant." she gasps and looks away. Another tear. Another. Then another.

"How do you know?" she cries and looks up at me. I use my thumb to gently wipe some water away.

"Google... you wouldn't tell me so," I shrug and she just nods.

"Liam. You cant tell anyone." she commands. "Why? What about Louis?"

"No. Especially Louis. What would he think? He'd think I was a whore, a slut!" she cries and I wipe some more tears.

"Carter. Don't you ever think that. Louis loves you he'd never think anything like that about you." I say and hold her closer. She's now sitting in my lap and I play with her hair.

"Don't tell Liam... Please don't tell?!" she begs and I nod.

"I promise..." I sigh.

Louis's POV

I wasn't asleep when Carter decided to leave the room... I was just waiting a few minutes. After about five minutes I slowly crept down the stairs. I hear whispers coming from the lounge so I scoot closer. I'm at the corner of the room., listening. Liam and Carter. I knew it!!!

"Why? What about Louis?" Liam asks worriedly. Why are they talking about me?

"No. especially Louis." I gasp, Carter doesn't want me to know something. "He'd think I was a whore, a slut." she's crying. Well if you give me reason then yea I'll think your a slut. She has to be cheating on me. I cant listen anymore... the last thing I hear is Liam saying Carter's name and then I rush up the stairs. I cant believe this. I'll just wait a few more days, see if she decides to confess or something.

Until then... if she doesn't want to talk to me, I wont talk to her.



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