Can You Be Trusted?!

Second book to: If You Really Cared--------

Carter still hasn't found the meaning of her life. She's still learning to trust the five boys she has always known as bullies. Now that her family is all dead, in jail, or hates her guts she has to turn to someone. Who will it be?


29. Chapter 29

"I want strawberries and whipped cream!" I whine at Louis. "You hate strawberries!" he eyes me weirdly. "No I don't..." I roll my eyes.

"Yea you do," Zayn comes in, laughs, and sits beside me at the island. "Well I want some..." I whine again and they both laugh. "Fine," Louis gives in and begins to make my snack.

"I WANT SOME TOO!" Niall shouts through the house.

"So when is my mom coming home?" Louis asks. He remembers but some things still are a little unclear.

"About a week," Zayn answers. "Oh," Louis continues to make my strawberries. "Im gonna watch some tv," I get up and go to the lounge.

I plop myself down by Liam and he laughs.

"Her we are!" Louis smiles cheekily and hands me the bowl filled to the top with strawberries and whipped cream. "Thanks," I kiss his cheek and he sits in the other side of me.

"Hungry?" Liam eyes me. "Mm," I sound and nod my head.

"Where is mine?!" Niall whines at Louis. "Make your own food bitch!" he laughs and Niall pouts.

"Fine," Niall slouches and walks out. I feel something in my stomach... I hold it weirdly and wait,

"I just remembered I hate strawberries..." I jump up and run out. I rush past Harry and knock him over, I don't bother to stop, I run for the bathroom and make it just in time to get in front of the toilet.

Seconds later Louis is behind me holding my hair back and helping.

"Louis... Leave I don't want you to see me like this," I cough and he crouches down behind me.

"Im not leaving you Carter," he kisses my cheek. "Towel?" I ask and he hands me a dark blue one. I wipe my mouth and stand up.

"Thanks... but I think I'm going to get some rest..." I walk towards his room and lay on the bed.

"You sure babe?" he eyes me weirdly.

"Yea..." I answer and close my eyes. I hear the door shut and I sigh...

Liam's POV

What is up with Carter? The past two days have been, weird, with her. She hates strawberries and now she has the biggest craving for them, then she throws up after eating half of them. She hasn't been playing around or joking as much either. I've noticed, used to she'd be sarcastic and sassy, now she just smiles and nods.

I'm going to talk to her... yea she'll tell me anything, I think.

I trudge slowly up the stairs and enter Louis's room. He had told us she was sleeping but that was a lie. She's wide awake, staring at the ceiling, and I know she's deep in thought because she doesn't notice me coming in.

"Carter?" I catch her attention after sitting beside her on the bed. "Hey," she smiles at me.

"You feeling alright?" I ask and she sighs. Something is definitely wrong.

"Yea, I'm fine just a stomach ache..." she smiles again. "You sure?"

"Yea I'm just a little tired..." she lies. I know when she lies. She knows I know. Why wont she just tell me?!

"Carter I-" I begin but she cuts me off. "Just tired Liam. Just tired..." she sighs again and eyes me.

"Alright... Fine," I hold my hands up in surrender and laugh. See? Now would be the time for her to laugh too but no, she just nods. A different change in attitude and everything...

"Liam, can I just sleep?" she asks a little rudely. "Alright..." I answer awkwardly and stand. "Bye," I say but she doesn't reply...Weird much?

Something is wrong, I run to my room and plop on my bed. I get my laptop and lay it over my lap. Google... my only answer right now. I go to the internet and type. 'What does it mean when a girl acts different?' the only thing I can think of. Plenty of replies pop up, reviews, answers, even different question that's similar. The fifth one gets my attention, 'SHE MUST BE PREGNANT' it reads and I click on the article.

Different appetite? Different attitude? Different sleeping schedule? This all can only mean one thing... she's pregnant. Is she craving stuff that she used to hate? Is she throwing up all of a sudden? Does she get sleepy in the middle of the day? Does she get emotional over the stupidest things? There is really only two answers, either she wants to breakup or she's pregnant. Or maybe both?-

I quit reading at that... pregnant? Could she be pregnant? She has had a very different appetite lately... and she gets sleepy all of a sudden. She has gotten a bit upset over some stupid things and she has been very 'dull' lately. I'll just wait, a few days, see if she says anything then confront her. But what if-

What if Louis isn't the dad? It's only been a week since they did 'it'. What about Jacob the two other lads, James, Hunter, Thomas... me?



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