Can You Be Trusted?!

Second book to: If You Really Cared--------

Carter still hasn't found the meaning of her life. She's still learning to trust the five boys she has always known as bullies. Now that her family is all dead, in jail, or hates her guts she has to turn to someone. Who will it be?


25. Chapter 25

Carter's POV

"He doesn't remember me..." I sob into Liam's shirt. "Shhh," he soothes me and rubs my back.

"Hey guys... Um, they said we could take Louis home but if he doesn't remember with in two days we have to bring him back..." Savannah smiles at us and hugs me. I feel like we could be really good friends but I also feel kinda rude because I haven't talked to her at all really, and if it wasn't for her the boys would have never found me at the party...

"K," Liam sighs and hugs me again. I grip onto his neck as he picks me up like a toddler, I wrap my legs around his waist and let him carry me to the car. We sit there, in the back seat of the car, I'm in his lap, he rubs my arms and plays with my hair while singing to me. I feel like such a baby but I trust Liam and he literally has grown to be like my brother. I love him and I don't care if he sees me like this. Although I still feel kinda weird when I think about the night he raped me, but I don't count that as rape because neither of us wanted it.

"It's alright Carter... here they come," he whispers into my ear and continues singing 'Let Her Go' by Passenger.

"Thanks Liam," I wipe my tears and hug him. "I love you," I whisper as Zayn opens the door.

"Love you too," he smiles and kisses my cheek. Louis has to sit by me, but I cant help but feel really uncomfortable so I move to Liam on my other side. He holds me close and I notice Louis looking weirdly at us.

"I'm Savannah by the way, I was the one who helped you'll find Carter at the party about a month ago..." Savannah smiles at Louis and he nods.

"I went to a party with you?" he points at me and I just nod. The tears slowly come back but I push my face into Liam's arm so no one could see.

I cant believe Louis might never remember. I thought him not waking up was bad, He might never remember the bullying (our history), Jacob, his mom, the boys, Kyle, us... What if he forgets his feelings for me? Did he ever have any? Im sure he did, he was the one who told me he loved me... I want that Louis back...

"Shhh," Liam coos again. I snuggle closer to him and hide my face deeper.

Liam's POV

I look at Louis, so clueless, so unknowing of how much pain everyone around him is in. I have tears in the brim of my eyes but they don't move... I don't even have to try they just stay there. Carter's tears slowly drip down my arm and I hug her, Zayn stares out the passenger window, Harry has tears falling and he drives silently. Savannah sits on the far side from me and her head rests on Niall's shoulder, he just stares at the ground and strokes Savannah's leg. And Louis, he just looks around awkwardly and sighs a lot.

"We're home... this is your house Louis," Zayn says. "It is?" Louis looks weirdly at the house before us and Zayn opens the car door on my side. I pick Carter up and carry her inside. Niall and Savannah follow quietly and we all end up in the kitchen. Zayn and Harry both sit at the island, Niall and Savannah lean against the counter, and I've set Carter down while she acts a lot stronger than I know she can handle. Louis just walks around and looks weirdly at everything.

"Who is this?" he holds up a picture of him and his mom when he was like nine years old.

"Uh, that's you and your mom..." Harry answers and smiles at him. "Oh,"

"Well, who's this?" he holds up another. "That's you and Carter," I smile and Carter hesitates.

"We must have been really close..." he tilts his head and stares at how she kisses his cheek in the picture. I know she must be thinking the same thing I was... 'we must have been'.

"Yea," Carter sighs from beside me and Louis comes towards her. He grabs her face and tilts it to the side.

"Still don't remember!" he says as if its nothing and drops her face from his fingers. Tears begin to stream and she turns away.

"Carter-" I begin but she cuts me off. "Just don't... I want to be alone!" she cries and runs up the stairs...


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