Can You Be Trusted?!

Second book to: If You Really Cared--------

Carter still hasn't found the meaning of her life. She's still learning to trust the five boys she has always known as bullies. Now that her family is all dead, in jail, or hates her guts she has to turn to someone. Who will it be?


24. Chapter 24

Liam's POV

"You'll want some food?" Zayn asks as he and Harry are leaving to go get some hospital café.

"Sure," Liam replies. "Nah, I'm good," Carter shakes her head.

"You sure? Carter you haven't ate any in the past two days," Harry looks concerned.

"I'm fine. Really," she shrugs.

"Carter you-" she cuts me off.

"I said I'm fine." she walks over to the bed and lays her head on Louis's chest.

"Alright," Zayn sighs and Harry closes the door behind them. "Carter you need to eat," I finish what I was going to say before.

"Stop Liam," she groans and turns her head into his shoulder. I can hear her sobbing and she lays there beside Louis. Tears slowly fill my eyes but I wipe them away.

"Should I call Louis's mom?" I ask the air because she probably wont answer.

"Oh gah Liam! What will she say?!" she turns to face me again and her tear stains are fresh.

"Don't know.. supposed to be back in two weeks," I shrug.

"Maybe..." she turns to face Louis and runs her hand over his chest.

"Maybe he'll wake up by then..." she sighs and we all know that's a little impossible.

"Maybe he will," I sigh and sit back down in the seat.

"Liam..." her voice begins to quiver.

"What if he never wakes up? Its my fault... I should have pulled him out of the fire, I-" I cut her off by wrapping my arms around her waist and picking her up. She curls into my arms and I pull her closer.

"Shhh," I whisper into her ear soothingly. She grips on my neck and cries into my shoulder.

"Mmm," something sounds.

"What?" I ask. "I didn't say anything!" she smiles at me. "Huh?" I ask again and she turns to face Louis.

"Mmm," he sounds again and his hand moves. "He's waking up!" I say in awe.

"Louis?" Carter asks and I set her down. "I couldn't find any mac and ch-" I cut Harry off by putting a finger to his lips.

"Mmm," again his hand moves and now Carter is holding to his arm. Harry and Zayn move around the bed and we're all surrounding him. No one wants to go get a nurse, we don't want to miss Louis waking up, the miracle we've waited for days to happen.

"Louis!" Carter squeals after his eyes have fluttered open. "Hey mate!" Zayn smiles down at him. He rubs his eyes and flinches when Carter embraces him in a hug at first he looks confused but accepts it. They pull away and he looks at all of us for a few seconds...

"Who are you people?"

Niall's POV

"Savannah!" I knock again at the bathroom door. "Almost done!" she laughs from inside and I roll my eyes and laugh. "K!" I shout and I can still hear her laughing as I leave the room.

'Is that my phone? I hear my phone...' I run to the kitchen hoping it will be about Louis.

"Hello?" I quickly answer. "Niall? Hey," Zayn's on the other end. "Hey," I answer back.

"What is it?" I ask after a few seconds of silence.

"It's Louis..." he sighs. Did he die?! Is he awake?!
"What happened?" I ask frantically. "He's awake..." he sighs again. I begin to smile-

"He doesn't remember..." again he sighs.

"What do you mea-" he cuts me off. "He doesn't remember us... anything," he shouts and the line goes dead. Doesn't remember anything? I have to get to him!

"Savannah?!" I shout through the house.

"Yea?" she's right on time as she hits the bottom of the stairs. Her long golden brown hair is natural and wavy, he blue/green eyes shimmer... I feel like now that I'm her boyfriend I'm allowed to give cheesy compliments.

"Don't you look absolutely stunning?" I smirk at her and she blushes then laughs. I love her laugh!

"But c'mon... Louis woke up," her face lights up. "...but he doesn't remember anything." I finish and her face changes back to a frown.

"C'mon babe," I grab her hand and lead her out of the house. We quickly get in the car and I speed the whole way there. Thank God there were no police....

"Let's go!" she speeds me up and takes my hand as we run into the hospital. She pushes open the door and pulls me in behind her. The first thing I see when we run in is Carter pouring her tears out into Liam's shirt. She doesn't see us, her face is buried in his shirt, but he does. He points down the hall and I lead Savannah.

"Louis?" I ask as we enter the room. Louis lays there, awake, eyes open wide but he looks really confused. Zayn is sitting in a chair across the room with his head in his hands. Harry still stands by the bed and is trying to talk to Louis.

"Hey Lou," Savannah drops my hand and moves to the opposite side of the bed as Harry. I move behind her and rest my hands at her waist. Harry looks weirdly at us and even in this situation he still smirks. I shake it off and go back to Louis.

"Who are you?" he asks. "I'm Niall," I answer not paying much attention.

"I'll go get a doctor," Savannah volunteers. "Me too," I take her hand and she blushes.

"Hurry?" Harry pleads and Savannah pulls me from the room.



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