Can You Be Trusted?!

Second book to: If You Really Cared--------

Carter still hasn't found the meaning of her life. She's still learning to trust the five boys she has always known as bullies. Now that her family is all dead, in jail, or hates her guts she has to turn to someone. Who will it be?


22. Chapter 22

Liam's POV

Thank you Jesus Carter is alright! I know I should have been concerned about Harry and Louis, and I was but to be honest I was waiting on Carter. I actually sat in that seat for twenty one hours straight, not eating, thinking, praying, hoping, and gazing at her. She had become my sister, so much more than that! I love her! Not like Louis loves her, but a different love. I cant explain it, but I feel like I have to protect her.

"Oh Louis," Carter is still crying and she wont let go of him. She's almost on top of him and it breaks my heart to see her crying so much. I take a seat beside them and rub her back gently. Everyone is quiet, letting her cry, we're all grieving in our own way.

"Hello? I'm hear to check up on him and change the bags," the same nurse who had told Carter she could leave earlier was the one who  came in.

"Miss, could you move away please?" she says it politely but still sounds a bit forceful.

"NO." Carter cries and hugs Louis tighter.

"Carter..." I whisper to her. "If you don't move and let the nurse do her job Louis will never get better," she looks like a little girl crying over a dead bunny and it literally breaks my heart to see it. She slowly backs away and sits on my lap. I gladly welcome her and I wrap her cold body in my arms. She lets out her tears into my chest and I move back beside Harry. He looks at her with sympathetic eyes and lays a hand on her head. He slowly runs his fingers through her hair and she continues to cry into my chest.


It's been about twenty minutes and the nurse is finally done.

"My name is Terry if you need anything else," she smiles politely and leaves. "Carter... She's done," I whisper into Carter's ear but she doesn't move.

"I think she's asleep," Harry examines her.

"Yea," I rub her head gently and let her lay in my lap. The tears have quit flowing down my shirt and I realize her breathing has slowed tremendously.

"Im going to take Savannah home... its getting late," Niall stands up and Savannah intertwines her fingers with his.

"Lou's house or..." Zayn asks. "Louis's," Niall nods and they walk out.

"I would go but I think we need to let them have a night..." Zayn smiles. I laugh a bit then go back to Carter. I didn't want her to sleep in a hospital but how mad would she be if she knew I took her home without Louis?

"Just leave her mate, we all know that's what she would want..." its like Harry read my mind. In response I just nod my head and continue to play with her hair.

"What time is it?" Zayn yawns a few minutes later.

"Uh, eleven-fifty seven," Harry answers after looking on his phone.


Niall's POV

"Niall, I'm hungry," Savannah complains. "What you would you like ma' dear?"

"Ice cream!" she smiles. "Alright!" I stand up from the couch and run to the kitchen. Before she can stop me I grab the ice cream tub from the freezer. I get two spoons and turn around to see her happily sitting at the island.

"One for you," I poke her nose with the spoon. "And one for me," I point the other spoon at myself making her laugh.

We walk back to the couch and sit beside each other. I pull the blanket over our legs and hold her close. We begin to eat the ice cream while watching Friends.

(about 20 minutes later)

"Niall..." she sets the ice cream on the coffee table and pauses the tv. I look down at her and she looked very concerned.

"How are you feeling?" she asks very sincere.

"What do you mea-" she cuts me off. "Niall, please? Please don't do this, you know what I mean. How do you really feel?" she asks again. I can trust her. Cant I?

"I don't know, I mean it's seems like a nightmare... one of my best friends- brothers might die, he might n-never wake up..." the tears are sliding down my cheeks making them cold.

"I know... It must be so hard for Carter.... they really do love each other. H-have they a-always been like that?" she asks and uses her thumb to slowly wipe some tears away.

"No... Far from it actually," I laugh a little. I don't know why.

"What do you mean?" we all knew she was going to ask. I can trust her. I think...

"Well..." I sigh and begin to tell her everything. The bullying, Carter's life, how she ran away, everything up until now.

"I just have one question," she asks. Please don't be 'why did you bully her?'

"Can we go to bed? It's like two in the morning," she laughs and I stand up. After I put the ice cream away I make my way back to the den. 

"Let's go!" I smile and pick her up bridal style. 

"Niall!" she laughs and lets me carry her. I continue up the stairs with her in my arms.

"Here we are!" I drop her on the bed and it makes her laugh.

"Thanks," she goes serious and I nod. No matter how much we laugh or smile what's going on at the hospital will always find a way to bother us. 


A few minutes pass and we're now tucked under the covers. I hold her in my arms and I can feel her steady breathing on my chest. 

"Niall, it will be alright, I just know it!" I can feel her smiling.

"I sure hope so..." I answer honestly. 

"I promise!" she smiles up at me this time. She rests her hands on my chest and sits there smiling at me. I know I've only known her for a little over a week but I'm falling really hard and right now I don't care about slowing myself down. 

"Thanks,"  I poke her nose and then slide my hand back underneath my head where the other already rests.

"Savannah, w-would..." I begin the question I've been rehearsing since I met her. The question that has two completely different endings. 

"W-would you like to go o-out with m-me?" I cant help but stutter and the smile leaves her face. No?! She is going to say no! 

I anticipate the next few seconds and I'm holding my breath. If she says no not only does it ruin our friendship but also every dream I've had for the past week. Time passes in what seems like forever I can hear her steady breathing that has quickened a good bit. 

"N-niall I..." she stutters and what she says changes my life forever. The question is was it for the good or bad?



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