Can You Be Trusted?!

Second book to: If You Really Cared--------

Carter still hasn't found the meaning of her life. She's still learning to trust the five boys she has always known as bullies. Now that her family is all dead, in jail, or hates her guts she has to turn to someone. Who will it be?


21. Chapter 21

Carter's POV

All I want to do is see Louis! I cant remember exactly what had happened but I remember a fire and Jacob...

"Carter?" I look up to see Zayn smiling at me. He comes in happily and sits in the chair beside my bed.

"Hey..." I smile back. "Hi! So... How do you feel?" he pokes my side making me laugh.

"Fine... Its-" I cant say it.

"It's what?" he stops playing and looks at me with concerned eyes.

"My thigh... Its so u-ugly.." I rub it and he lifts the blankets. I look again at the brown scar covering my thigh. I feel gross when I see it.

"Well, I was in here when the nurse said it would lighten up some..." he lays a hand on it and pulls the covers back up so I couldn't see it anymore.

"I know, Niall told me.... almost skin color," I roll my eyes. "How is Harry?" I change the subject.

"Fine, the nurse said he could leave this afternoon... I haven't asked about you but I will," he stands but I grab his hand to stop him. I have to know about Louis... I need to know why Niall went all pale when I asked.

"And Louis?" I ask anxiously.

"I'll ask about him too..." he says no more and leaves before saying bye. I was expecting him to say something like... 'He's doing fine' or 'Yea! He can go home' But instead I get completely nothing. Nothing! 'I'll ask about him to' ?! What does that mean?! Is Louis alright?! Is he sick?! Burnt?! D-dead?

The door creaks open and I look up to see Liam. Liam! The one person who could make me feel better right now other than Louis. Please Lord?! Just don't let him do the same thing as Niall and Zayn. I need someone to be honest with me and tell me exactly what's going on.

"Liam?" I ask in disbelief. I don't know why my voice went so high pitched but it did and at this point I don't care.

"Liam!" I say in excitement and before I know it I'm in his arms. His caring, brotherly arms.

"Carter! I cant believe it! I waited for a hours! Twenty-one to be exact!" he smiled.

"Twenty one hours?"

"Yea... you've been out for a little over a day," he shrugs. See honesty. He was honest. Who else told me how long I had been 'dead'? No one.

"Woah," is all I can manage. "Yep! I sat right here in this chair for twenty one hours... The other four were spent with Harry and Lou," he rubs my arm.

I hug him again. He accepts and his arms go around my waist.

"Liam! I still cant believe it! I thought... I t-thought Louis was dead and then y-you'll found us," I stutter and continue to hug him. He pulls away and kisses my forehead.

"I never quit searching," he smiles.

"What about Louis? I know Harry is fine, he can leave in a few hours... But Louis? How is he? Zayn and Niall didn't say anything they-" he cuts me off and hugs me deeply. I can hear him sobbing and he runs his fingers through my hair. He pulls away, intertwines our fingers, looks at me, and begins:

"Louis is... He hasn't woke up yet, they don't know when he'll wake up.. m-maybe n-never-" he stops and stares at the ground. The tears freely falling now. My Louis? Never wake up? Dead?

No! This cant happen! He's alive! I know it.

"I want to see him!" I blurt out. "You cant, not until they check on you..." he holds me down. I wipe some tears from his face and again he hugs me.

"Hello," a nurse comes in. We've been hugging for almost five minutes and she interrupts.

"So, we checked on your files and your free to go! The other lad, Harold? He's already up and walking!' she smiles and exits. Liam helps me up and carries me to Louis's room. The tears are literally waterfalls in my eyes and I cling to Liam. He kicks open the door and there sits, Harry, Savannah, Niall, and Zayn all by Louis's bed. I jump from Liam and run to the bed.

"Louis?" I ask and take his hand in mine. Louis! He's not dead! He cant be, I hug his chest close and cling to it for life. I wont let go, not until I hear his voice telling me we can go home. I wont let go.

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