Can You Be Trusted?!

Second book to: If You Really Cared--------

Carter still hasn't found the meaning of her life. She's still learning to trust the five boys she has always known as bullies. Now that her family is all dead, in jail, or hates her guts she has to turn to someone. Who will it be?


20. Chapter 20

Harry's POV

"Hello?" I shout through the long dark tunnel. "Anyone?!"i shout again.

"Harry?" the voice is soft and low... a girls voice. "Harry? Wake up..." something soft runs down my arm making chills appear. 

"Savannah?" i try to find her face. "SAVANNAH?!" I scream this time. 

"Harry? Cmon mate wake up" its Zayn, he sounds like he's been crying. 

"Harry?" again something cold runs over my arm. 

"HELLO?!" I scream through the tunnel and the echo comes back. "Hello...Hello..." it keeps replaying. I continue to walk through darkness. Complete darkness. 

"Niall? Savannah?" I shout again. But no answer. "SAVANNAH?! ZAYN?!" still no answer. "Where am I?" this time I ask softly. Again no sound comes. 

"He moved!" I hear Niall's excited voice. "Who moved?" I ask but still no answer comes. 

"Harry! Wake up Harry!"I hear Niall's voice again. "Why? I am awake? Aren't I?"I ask and i can now feel slow, steady breathing on my chest. 

"I'll get the doctors!" I hear Zayn again then movement sounds across the tunnel. 

"Niall... It'll be alright, I know it will..." again Savannah voice sinks in from the walls of the tunnel. 

"I know... But what about Louis he hasn't moved at all..." Niall cries. Louis?! OH MY GOSH! I remember! Louis died in the fire...

I feel tears in my eyes and I begin to run down the tunnel... For Louis.

"Where is Louis?! I need to see him?!" I shout. 

"Harry? You alright mate?" Niall asks then a loud sound comes from across the tunnel. I suddenly feel surrounded by a lot of people. I hear random voices here and there. 

"He should wake up any time now..." a soft voice comes. 

"Thank you mam," Savannah thanks the person. 

"Harry please? Please wake up.." Niall's voice is right at my ear. Brightness... Thats all I see... BRIGHTNESS!

"HARRY!" Zayn's face is inches from mine. "OH MY!" Savannah laughs. Her and Niall's faces

are right above mine.

"Can you sit up?"  Zayn asks. I push upon my arms but an aching pain comes from my stomach. I lift up the blankets to reveal my shirtless chest and a bandage wrapping my stomach.

"Harry... you got shot," Savannah rubs my arm again. I lay my hand over the bandage.

"Ow..."is all I can manage and a smile crosses their faces. 

"I'll go tell Liam.." Niall gets up.


Niall's POV

"Harry's awake..." I pat Liam's back. "He is?!" a smile crosses his face. 

"Why don't you go see him? I'll sty with Carter..." I take his seat beside the bed after he has kissed her forehead gently. I slip her hand in mine and gaze at her. 

"She may squeeze you hand... thats the only thing she's done for me," he shrugs and walks out.

"Carter... Hey it's Niall!" I smile at her even though she cant see. 

"N-Ni," she tries but can only sound the N. 

"Lo-lou..." again she tries. Louis... What is she going to do? Louis has shown no sign of improvement. I feel kinda bad because no one is in his room but the doctors said it could be weeks before he wakes up, if he ever does...

"Louis is in his own room..." I say smoothly trying to hold back the tears. My hand gets squeezed. 

"Niall..." the word comes out completely. Her eyes flutter open. I finally look at her. She has burn marks on her cheek that the nurse said would be gone in about a week, bandages down her left arm, and even though I cant see now she has a burn mark on her upper thigh that will never leave. 

"Hi," she smiles at me. I can only remember praying I'd get to see that smile again. 

"Hey," I squeeze her hand."Niall!" she hugs me. Apparently he doesn't feel much pain.

"Are you hurting anywhere?" I ask and lay her back down. "Well, my thigh hurts a bit..." she sighs.

I pull back the covers to reveal a dark brown mark covering the top half of her left thigh. Tears fill her eyes.

"The nurse said that after a few weeks it will get a lot lighter, almost skin color..." I soothe her and she only nods. 

"Where is everyone?" she turns back to me. "Well Harry is awake in his room Liam, Zayn, and Savannah are with him... and Louis he's in his own room."

"Why is no one in his room?" she asks innocently and Im fighting to hold back tears.

"He wanted to be alone," I lie. "Oh... Well can I see Zayn and Liam?" she asks. 

"Sure..." I kiss her cheek and walk towards the door. "Niall?" she stops me.


"Could you send them in one at a time?"she smiles. "Of course!"


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