Can You Be Trusted?!

Second book to: If You Really Cared--------

Carter still hasn't found the meaning of her life. She's still learning to trust the five boys she has always known as bullies. Now that her family is all dead, in jail, or hates her guts she has to turn to someone. Who will it be?


19. Chapter 19

Louis's POV

'CRAWL! LOUIS CRAWL!" I shout at myself mentally. I'm making my way on the floor towards the exit. The air is getting heavier and heavier and I can barely see the dark night outside. I can still hear Carter's cries and that's the only thing keeping me going. The flames are getting bigger and closer.

I hear coughing coming from only feet away. "Louis?!" the raspy voice shouts and even through the smoky air I know its Carter.

"Help!" I try to let out but it comes as a whisper. "Help!" I try again and push up on my arms making me move faster. Deep breath...

"Carter!" it comes out. Not as loud as I wanted but just enough.

"Louis!" I can see her face now, inches from mine.

"C'mon!" she doesn't waste any time and she pulls me along with her. It causes me so much pain but I say or do nothing. I help as much as I can by pushing with me feet. The crackle of the flames gets louder and now the door is covered in them.

"Umph!" Carter falls and begins coughing horribly. She pulls her shirt up to her nose and I do the same. We both begin to cough and I pull her closer.

"Go *cough* save *cough* yourself!" I push her away.

"*cough* I'll never leave you! *cough*" she hugs me closer and in the state I'm in, I have to accept. I use all my strength to hold her and the world goes black.


Liam's POV

"Carter! Louis!" I shout. The firemen rush towards the burning warehouse, the hoses go up and water comes out. Jacob and the other lad have quit fighting now and the one who started it has ran away. Who knows where? But after getting in a fight with Jacob he was probably running for his life.

"Hurry up men!" the captain commands the other firefighters. The police now all have guns and they're pointed at Jacob who's holding his own gun, and the other one who's got his hands up.

"PUT YOUR DAMN HANDS DOWN KYLE!" Jacob shouts at him. I wonder how Carter dealt with his name being Kyle...

"I'm good! Id rather do the time," he keeps his hands above his head and moves to the officers. They take this arms behind his back and cuff his wrists. They walk him towards a police car while Jacob stands his ground.

"Your not getting away this time" a random officer from the back shouts. He's pretty short, and he doesn't even hold a gun.

"Well? I got what I wanted! Didn't I?! Kyle dead! Aaron? Gone!!" he smirks.

"Carter away from you'll, for good. And that Louis lad? He's ashes!" he laughs.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Harry shouts and charges at him. *POW* He hits the ground... just like that.

"Harry!" Niall shouts.

"DONT MOVE!" Jacob points the gun at him. "No one move." Savannah grabs Niall's arm and pulls him to her.

"Don't move babe..." she sings in his ear and new tears enter his eyes.

"There is only one more thing I want!" Jacob smirks. He points the gun at me. Then puts the tip to his forehead.

"What?!" I shout.

"Don't interrupt someone's death... its rude!" he smirks at me. "Jacob don't..." I hold up my hand. I know I should hate him but I also hate watching someone kill there self. No one deserves that. No one.

"I'll tell Carter you'll miss her!" he smirks again and the gun goes off. What the hell just happened?!

Medics rush in and carry Harry away. "I'm going!" Zayn states and runs after them. I see him jump in the back of the ambulance and they rush away. This all happens in a blur...

Who's dead?!

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