Can You Be Trusted?!

Second book to: If You Really Cared--------

Carter still hasn't found the meaning of her life. She's still learning to trust the five boys she has always known as bullies. Now that her family is all dead, in jail, or hates her guts she has to turn to someone. Who will it be?


18. Chapter 18

Carter's POV

"GET HER OUTSIDE!!" Jacob screams at demon #1 and again he grasps my arms. I see the fire break out in the office and know that in only ten minutes this whole place will be on its way to ashes.

"PLEASE?! NOOO!!!" I screech and bite hard on the soaked t-shirt. I can feel the air getting heavier around me and he pulls me away. He holds tight to my upper right arm and unlocks the door we had tried to escape from a few days ago.

He literally throws me out because he knows I wont run away without Louis. I hit the ground hard and before I know it he's on top of me holding me down.

"AHHHH!" I scream with everything left in me and still he holds me and the burn enters my left cheek. I continue to bite and chew away at the shirt and I can tell its almost out of my mouth completely.

Liam's POV

"AHHHH!" I definitely just heard a scream. A girls scream. Either that or a boy sounds exactly like a girl. I look to the boys and the police, they all heard it too.

"Do you think-" I cut Zayn off.

"Even if its not them they sound like they need help," I shrug.

"It came from the old warehouses!" Savannah points to them.

"Stay calm! Stay-" a police walks to his car. Harry motions to us and we all take off leaving Niall, Savannah, and the police men behind.

"Wait!" Savannah shouts and I look behind to see her and Niall running. She was slightly ahead of him and he ran to catch up.

"LOUIS!!! HELP! SOMEONE HELP!!!" I know its Carter's screams now. "PLEASE?! AHH-" her voice gets cut off. There is a vibrant light coming from one of the warehouses at the back and as I round the corner, smell the burning, and see the flames. Fire.

I hear a loud gasp behind me and see Savannah already with tears in her eyes and Niall comforting her. I also see three police men running up and hear distant sirens. I turn my head back to the scene and continue to move forward beside Harry.

"AHHH!" I know that scream from anywhere... Louis.

Carter's POV

Louis is screaming. Loud. Please God, let someone hear us. Please?! Another punch lands on my stomach but for once I don't care... Louis is dying and I have to listen to his agonizing screams.

"HELLPP!!" again I try to shout but the tears are clogging my mouth and I have to use my energy to breathe. I hear a crackle and at the far end of the warehouse the flames burst out. In only a few minutes Jacob and demon #2 will come out and leave Louis there to burn and what can I do? Nothing.

Harry's POV

"Please?!" the cries are lower now but still can be heard by us. I move closer and now I'm one building away from the fire. I round the corner and open my eyes wide.

Carter is crying hard as a boy slaps her cheek, the end of the warehouse is completely gulfed in flames, and still cries of pain come from inside. I look to Liam at my side and he runs at Carter and the boy but before he can get there Jacob comes out. Jacob!!!

"Don't." he commands and Liam stops dead in his tracks. Carter gasps and a quick smile flashes on her face after seeing us but then another scream comes from inside and more tears fill her eyes. Jacob moves to her and grabs her arms making her squeal.

"My..." Jacob looks at her with disgust. "Sister will be coming home with me," he finishes and pulls her closer to him.

"Noo!" she squeals again.

"Put her down boy!" a police shouts. "That's my decision!" he smirks and another boy hands him a pistol.

"Come any closer... she dies!" this shuts Carter up as he places the tip of the gun to the side of her forehead. I gasp and want to run but we all know he'll shoot her. Easily.

"Oh gosh no..." Logan says under his breath behind me. Carter is trembling in Jacobs arms and again Louis screams. He's my best friend and I'm listening to him die.

"Put her down Jacob!" the boy who had handed him the gun shouts and holds up his own pistol.

"Fine!" Jacob shouts and drops Carter but she stays right there. Afraid to move.

"Now what? Huh?" Jacob moves closer to the boy and cocks his pistol.

"Let her go! Free!" he shouts and does the same now pointing the gun at Jacob.

"She's my sister! You think I'm letting her go that easy?!" Jacob shouts back and I know what Carter is thinking. She keeps looking back inside the building and then back at us. I shake my head telling her not to but she does...

She takes off inside for Louis and at the moment she enters the building the whole thing goes up in flames.


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