Can You Be Trusted?!

Second book to: If You Really Cared--------

Carter still hasn't found the meaning of her life. She's still learning to trust the five boys she has always known as bullies. Now that her family is all dead, in jail, or hates her guts she has to turn to someone. Who will it be?


17. Chapter 17

Louis's POV

It's been about thirty minutes... Carter is still in my arms, and she's laying in my lap. She fell asleep about fifteen minutes ago and I haven't moved her. Neither Jacob or demon #1 have came out yet and I'm about to fall asleep myself. But what would happen if they came out and we were both asleep? What would they do? That's the only thing keeping me awake, the fact that I have to protect Carter.

I run my fingers through her knotted hair gently and kiss the top of her head and I can feel her heavy breathing. I lean my head against the wall behind me and close my eyes.

"So what are we going to do with them?" I hear demon #1's voice. "Look!" Jacob sounds completely drunk.

"Are they asleep?!" he slurs and I can hear their footsteps moving closer. "I think so..." demon #1 whispers. I hear more footsteps and know it's probably demon #2 (I still haven't learnt his name).

"Ok... Well we're going to get rid of the boy and Carter," Jacob pauses and I feel my breathing get heavier after what he's just said... 'Get rid of the boy'.

"She's coming with us... and we're never letting her go!" I can hear his smirk through the words making me shiver. I'm just glad Carter wasn't awake to hear that.


Logan's POV

"Over here boys..." the police officer commands us. "And girl," Savannah adds quietly making Zayn, me, and Niall laugh. I look down at her and Niall... their fingers intertwined, and sides against each other. I cant help but imagine this being me and Carter, but she's with Louis... clearly! I couldn't ever separate them. Could I? I could try...

"You coming lad?" Niall looks at me and I realize I hadn't moved. "Uh, yea of course," I studder and move forward beside them. We were all at the old park with a few police men. It was almost dark out, it was already like seven pm and it was beginning to get really cold.  Liam and Harry sat on the swings and everyone could tell they were in deep conversation.

"Over here Logan!" Zayn motions me over and I go to him and a officer.

"We're thinking we are going to begin looking around all these old buildings..." the officer glides a finger through the air and motions to the abandoned warehouses about a half mile away.

"You'll did say that when the lad called he said he was at a old place, right?" he asks.

"Uh, yea. Louis called Liam and before he could finish he got cut off... but yea he said old something," Zayn answers.

"Good, so we'll begin checking those buildings over there and inform you'll if we find anything..." the officer begins to write down something but Zayn's hand stops him.

"No. We're coming too!" I agree by nodding my head. "All of us," I add and Zayn looks at me and nods.

"Alright, Fine," he gives in and erases what he had wrote and begins to write something new.

Harry's POV

"But what if it is my fault?" I ask Liam again.

"Harry... she was going to find out one day. You cant keep her family from her forever. Besides better late than never, right? You helped... You thought you were doing the right thing and that's the most anyone could ever ask of you. Maybe it wasn't the best time but would the funeral be any better?" he always gives the best advice.

"I guess not but I-" he cuts me off.

"You didn't know. We know that whoever took them had a reason, we know that even if it wasn't that way they still would have gotten them. We don't know who it is... but I think we have a good idea about that and why they took them in the first place." he pats my knee.

"What do you mean 'about that'?" I ask. "Do you think Jacob is-" I cut myself off.

"I don't know...That's what I think but Zayn said he was in jail," he sighs.

"What if... What if it was Jacob?" I have to ask.

"Then lets pray that this time the police catch him," he pats my knee again and stands.,

"But first we need to make sure he's not in jail," he motions for me to stand and I do.

"Lets go," we walk back to the two officers standing together.

"Excuse me..." Liam pats on one of their shoulders and they both turn to face us.

"We, uh, just wanted to know if the lad... Jacob, if he had gotten caught at the last incident?" he sounds very nervous.

"Is he in prison or not?" I ask simply and Liam eyes me.

"Cant say," one of them shrugs.

"Yes. You can. Please? We need to know," Liam argues.

"That's police business." the other states.

"Well its our business too if its our best friends who got taken... isn't it?" I ask harshly.

"Fine. No. You happy? No. We didn't catch him," the same one shrugs again and they both walk away. Just like that. They walk away.

"So... So he's still out there?" I look to Liam nervously.

"Well on the bright side we know who took them.." he doesn't smile but tries to seem optimistic.

"We don't know..." I shake my head and again he eyes me. "Yea... We know," I give in.

Carter's POV

I wake up in Louis's arms. I look up at him to see his eyes shut and I smile. I then smell it. Something is burning.

"Louis..." I shake him. "Hmmm," he sounds and I shake him again. "Louis wake up!" I get close to his face and his eyes flutter open. We sit there for a few seconds and his nose moves.

"What's that smell?" he asks weirdly and I lean off of him.

"Something is burning," I hesitate to say it. I look around the warehouse and see the light coming from the office. Then out walks Jacob from the room of light. Holding something and when he gets closer, with demon #1 and #2 following behind, I know me and Louis recognize it.

The thin pole of iron is held in front of him. The fire red end is still sizzling and demon #1's arms grip mine.

"NOOOO!" I scream at the very top of my lungs. He pulls me with him and everything come to me. Their about to kill Louis and leave him to burn in this building!!! OH LORD PLEASE NO?!

"HELP!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!" again I scream at the top of my lungs and he throws me against the door. He rips off his shirt and ties it tightly to my mouth.

"Shut the hell up or else!!" he screams at me and I bang my head on the door.

I cant lose Louis... Not Louis!




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