Can You Be Trusted?!

Second book to: If You Really Cared--------

Carter still hasn't found the meaning of her life. She's still learning to trust the five boys she has always known as bullies. Now that her family is all dead, in jail, or hates her guts she has to turn to someone. Who will it be?


16. Chapter 16

Carter's POV

"NOOO!" I scream for the third time. "Bitch!!" Jacob screams back and punches me a third time in the stomach. We've been here for four days... FOUR DAYS AND THEY STILL HAVEN'T FOUND US!!! Any chance I have to talk to Louis he always says they'll find us. I've about given up all hope though, I truly believe I'll die before they come close to finding us. It all seems like a nightmare that I cant wake from. And its killing me!

I look at Louis. Laying helpless in the corner watching me... Why does this have to happen to me? Another punch lands on my gut and I flinch but don't move. He grabs my arm, throws me towards Lou, and walks away. Jacob disappears into the office and I'm left alone with Louis. I crawl towards him, his cold, bruised arms pull me close and I finally feel comfortable and safe wrapped against his body.

"They'll come... Soon," he whispers and caresses my ear.

"Louis, don't lie to me,"

"I will never. Ever. Lie to you. I love you," he kisses my forehead.

"Love you too," I rest my head on his shoulder and we stay in silence.

Harry's POV

"C'mon guys!!!" I holler through the house. Niall comes down the stairs, tear stains in his eyes, and Savannah trudges behind him. She rubs his back and helps him onto the couch. Then comes Liam with Logan following. Logan had staid the last four days and Savannah staid last night. Zayn then appears at the top of the stairs and he comes towards me. Without waiting on him I make my way to the lounge to find everyone laying there, hopeless, and crying or close to tears.

We had all been devastated since Louis and Carter went missing, the police had been over here five times. The tv hadn't came on once, we never laughed, and even Niall didn't eat until Savannah talked him into it.

"We'll find them today!" I put on a fake smile, face, and attitude.

"Isn't that what you said yesterday and the day before and the-" I cut Zayn off.

"Well at least I have a positive attitude!"

"Well you could show some emotion!! I'm sorry I'm devastated and cant fake a smile!!" he screams back.

"So you don't think Im upset?! I lost my BEST FRIEND AND A GIRL WHOS PRACTICALLY MY SISTER!" I began to scream too and know I shouldn't but it all just spills out.

"YOU KNOW WHAT?! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" he gets in my face. "Guys!!" Liam cuts in.

"YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" I scream back completely ignoring anything Liam is saying.

"Don't tell me what to do! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!! IF YOU WOULDNT BE SUCH AN ASS ALL THE TIME!" he screams and I'm lost for words at what he's said.

"Zayn!" Savannah pushes him off of me. "if it wasn't for that," he gestures towards me.

"We'd have Louis and carter right here with us!!" he continues and I drop to the couch. I throw my head in my hands and the tears come. The tears I had tried so hard to hold back and be strong pour out all at once.

After a few minutes I finally look up to see Zayn in the recliner covering his face with a blanket, Niall bawling tears and Savannah comforting him, Logan staring at the ceiling on the other side of Savannah, and Liam is nowhere to be seen. It is my fault... It has to be! Who else's could it be?! I replay what Zayn had shouted at me in my head and look up again to see him staring at me. I look away quickly but he doesn't. I can see from the corner of my eye he's still watching.

"Harry I-" Zayn tries but Liam comes in.

"Ok, the police called. They're search groups out looking again, I told them we'd look around too but first we're getting this straightened out." Liam looked sternly at me and Zayn. Niall sniffs and hugs Savannah.

"Harry I'm sorry... I didn't mean it," Zayn tries again and this time he gets it all out.

"Its fine..." I mumble. "Harry! Speak up." Liam demands and plays the daddy role.

"I'm sorry too..." I look up but my eyes find themselves staring at the floor again.

"Niall... You alright?" Savannah asks. "Yea," he sniffs again and wipes more tears.

"Lets go!" Logan stands and pulls on his jumper. I slowly take to my feet and wipe the last tears away. God let us find them...



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