Can You Be Trusted?!

Second book to: If You Really Cared--------

Carter still hasn't found the meaning of her life. She's still learning to trust the five boys she has always known as bullies. Now that her family is all dead, in jail, or hates her guts she has to turn to someone. Who will it be?


15. Chapter 15

Louis's POV

"We'll kill all three of you right now..." the voice is slurred, sounds completely drunk. I know who it is... I don't even have to turn around. Carter tries to but I pull her into my chest and firmly hold her there. I will die before I let him touch her again.

"Where were you'll going too?" his voice is still slurred and I feel Carter trembling in my arms. I feel her once again try to turn and this time I allow it. We both turn in unison and we face them... Demon #1 and Jacob. Also known as Satan.

"So... Where were you'll going?!" Jacob almost shouts. "N-Nowhere..." Carter just barely managed and just hearing her scared voice makes me pull her closer.

"Nowhere? YOU CALL THAT NOWHERE?!?!" he screams. "I-I'm sorry," she manages again, this time a bit more boldly.

"It's fine..." he calms amazingly and waves his hands. "Wait! What about him?" demon #1 questions about demon #2 who was letting us out. Jacob says nothing but instead, turns, and throws a punch directly to his jaw making blood pour out. He makes a slight sound and Jacob turns away. He walks directly to the office and slams the door. I look down at Carter still trembling in my arms.

"CARTER!!!" Jacob screams. This time Carter looks at me and I hold her tight. "No."

"Louis, I have to or he'll beat us both," she argues but there is now way I'm letting her. Demon #1 moves towards us.

"Louis..." she says again. "Carter... I cant let you get hurt, not ever again!" I kiss her forehead and she back-hugs me.

"I'll be fine," she smiles fakely and kisses my cheek. "Please... Just wait for me?" she calmly asks and I know she's trying to be strong. Because I cant believe what I'm doing I cant even talk as I slowly pull my arms from around her and watch her disappear into the room. Demon #1 goes to the door,

"Try to leave... She dies!" he shows us both a knife and leaves me and demon #2 alone.

Carter's POV

There was Jacob sitting calmly on the bed. A devilish look twinkles in his eyes and two strong, cold hands grip my upper arms. I look up to see Ky- demon #1 holding me there firmly. He picks me up and throws me on the bed. I gain my balance and push myself up, Im now sitting about a foot away from Jacob. Demon #1 sits on the other side and scoots in, forcing me to move more towards Jacob. This continues until I'm literally squashed between them. We sit there. Silence.

"Carter..." Jacob begins and his devil eyes sink deeply into mine. I saw it now... His eyes resemble Josephs so much. The same greenish/gray color gleaming. He oddly looks like Kyle too, my brother Kyle. But I didn't dare let myself think about this too long.

"You will be punished," his soft, light voice reminded me of the bad ones on horror movies right before they kill. This makes me tremble and chills run down my spine as they dance along it. I know they feel me shaking because demon #1's hands are now clasped onto my forearms and I'm forced to sit there, helpless and scared.

Louis's POV

I'm pacing back and forth in the dark room.  The fire burns low and I have chills all over my body. Im praying that police, the boys, or anyone who can help will find us. I need to save Carter! I have to! I will never, ever, ever forgive myself for letting her into that room alone with just them. Ever!

"it'll be alright," demon #2, I never learned his name, attempts to calm me.

"No. It wont." I turn away and shut my eyes tight. I decide to move closer to the door so I might have a chance at hearing what's going on. I can hear moans but they sound like a guy. Damn! I curse at myself... How could I let this happen? Again? I'm stupid!

"Ugh," I hear Carter voice and lean in closer. "Mmph!" I hear again.

"You're mine!" Jacob's voice slurs and something heavy and loud hits the floor. "Bitch!" demon #1's voice isn't has slurry and I know he isn't as drunk if not at all. I hear a loud thud and it makes me flinch.

Niall's POV

"Damn I thought we would find them!" Harry shouts and Logan slams the door after following us inside. I plop myself on the couch, tears are filling my eyes and I shut them tight.

"Shhh," I hear Liam beside me. He's always the one to comfort me and be there... That's why he's one of my best friends. I lean on his shoulder and wipe my tears.

"Niall we'll find them... You can call the police now," he lets out a laugh and I cant help but smile.

"Yea... I'll do that!" I wipe my tears again and stand. I quickly run to the kitchen, pass Logan and Zayn and grab the phone. I punch in the numbers and wait... wait... wait.

"Hello! What's you emergency?!" the lady on the other end seems to perky. I mean if your answering only emergency calls and you know that everyone who is calling you is either scared, dying, extremely sick, or crying you wouldn't be so happy all the time. Right?

"I'd like to report to missing teenagers," I speak back and she hesitates for a moment.

"Sir, if this is a trick I-"

"ITS NOT A DAMN TRICK! My friends are missing and I'm really scared to you wanna help or not?!" I scream through the phone.

"Yes sir... Yes sir, we do want to help! I'll send some guys out there to look around and help out a bit!" I can practically hear her smile but I'm still fuming over her last statement.

"Well hurry the hell up!" I say but not too loudly and I cut the line off. It beeps and I drop it onto the counter. The boys are all piled on the couch and for once the tv isn't on.

"I think they're coming," I shrug and take the recliner. I throw my legs over the side and lean my head back onto the arm rest.

"Ya think?!" Logan laughs. I guess they heard our conversation.

"This would have never happen if I dint ruin it," Harry confesses. "What?!" Zayn shoots up.

"If I never would of told her all that stuff, she didn't need to hear it then... she would have never ran away, wouldn't of had to get mad at the funeral, break Louis's heart... and would of never needed that walk that made her and Lou disappear..." he finishes with a sigh.

"Mate, I know its hard... But even if it wasn't this way or tonight... They would have still gotten her, we all know that," Liam rubs his back.

"Who do you'll think took them? I mean we know it wasn't just mid-air it had to be someone with a purpose." Zayn suggests. This whole time I've been wondering about this and I always think Jacob but I am almost positive he's in jail.... isn't he?

"What about Jacob?" I ask. "Don't know... That's what I was thinking..." Liam agrees.

"Or my brother..." Logan speaks up.

"Now why the hell would your brother do that?!" Zayn gives him 'the' stare and we all do the same.

"Just cous.."a knocking comes at the door and I rush to it. His brother? Just cous?



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