Can You Be Trusted?!

Second book to: If You Really Cared--------

Carter still hasn't found the meaning of her life. She's still learning to trust the five boys she has always known as bullies. Now that her family is all dead, in jail, or hates her guts she has to turn to someone. Who will it be?


11. Chapter 11

Louis's POV

How was Jacob here? Did he get away? The police never caught him... Why didn't they tell us? It would be nice to know that the person who wants us all dead is still out there somewhere coming for us.

I was busted out of thought when Jacob kicks my gut again and I wince in pain. "LOUISSS!" Carter screams and Jacob raises his arm for another blow. It hits and I feel the wet blood appear on my forehead. I'm ready for another but none comes. 

I finally open my eyes to see Jacob walking away and Carter sprinting towards me. 

"Louis.... Why? Why did you come?" her arms welcome me and she rests her head on my sore shoulder. I moan and she picks up her head allowing the pain to fade away.

"I had to know you were safe, I couldn't..." I correct myself, "Can't lose you... not again," I say honestly.

"I love you Louis!" she smiles and kisses me. "I love you, Carter," I attempt to smile after we've pulled away. 

"Alright! We get it! You love each other!! Carter, babe come on," Jacob motions. "Don't call her babe!" I scowl at him, I expect him to punch me or something but instead he stares at me.

"I'll call my... sister. Whatever I want!" he states and walks away. "Carter!!" he calls back but doesn't turn around. She kisses me once more and runs after him. Only a few minutes pass and she comes back with a damp rag and begins cleaning off my forehead. 

After shes done with my head she lifts up pulls off my jacket an lifts up my shirt. She rubs the damp rag across the bruises and dry blood. 

"There... All better," she smiles and kisses me again but I pull away. 

"What is he going to do to you?" I whisper. She turns to see if he's behind us.

"Don't know..." she shrugs. She turns around and he's facing us, glaring at me. "Got to go," she pecks my cheek and runs back to him. His arm snakes around her shoulder sending jealousy flying through me. I don't even know why because she must be dead is she can even tolerate him in any way.

"Now... Lets get ready," Jacob plays with a curled strand of her hair. "We have some... guests coming over," he smirks and leads her out of the room and into, what would have been the office is this was still open as a warehouse. I had noticed the wooden door before but never paid much attention. But now... Now I was dying to know whats behind that door. What was Carter having to go through right now? Without me.

"Damn't Carter..." Jacob shouts. He runs out quickly and I gaze up at him. He's leaning down, hands on his knees, panting. 

"Bitch!" he shouts and I hear laughs. Laughs? Did she forgive him? OH HELL NO!

"Jacob!" she shouts through the warehouse. "Coming!" he shouts back and runs back through the door, slamming it behind him. 


Its been over an hour. Neither Carter or Jacob have came out of the office and I can barely make out some words being said and loud moans here and there. A loud thump comes from outside... The boys must have found us! I smile and move slowly towards the door. Jacob bursts out with Carter following quickly behind... a very worried look covers her face. 

"Ayyy! Mate!" a guy comes in and pats Jacob on the back. One other follows him and Jacob secures the door. Carter stays back, I can tell she is obviously very nervous. 

"So..." the second guy smirks and I've now backed up against the couch once again. None of them pay me any attention but I stay back and keep my full attention on them. 

"Which one?" Jacob asks Carter and she steps forward. She steps up to Jacob and whispers something in his ear then look at me with hope in her eyes.

"No." Jacob states loudly and her gaze drops to the floor. He shoves her towards the other guys and she goes to the first. I watch curiously as she rubs her hand on his chest and moves onto the second. She does the same thing and steps back to Jacob. 

"Well?" Jacob asks. Carter takes a step forward again and tugs slightly on the first boys arm. The second sighs and she goes back to Jacob.

"Kyle..." the boy, Kyle? steps forward. Carter gasps at learning his name is the same as her brothers. The memories must be haunting her right now... Kyle interrupts, smacks her bum, and she jumps forward in shock.

"Nice ass!" Kyle... I cant say his name anymore, boy #1, smirks.

"Take care of my... sister," Jacob hesitates at the word but finally manages to get it out. 

"Got it!" boy #1 smirks wider and leads Carter off into the office. Jesus help us...


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