Can You Be Trusted?!

Second book to: If You Really Cared--------

Carter still hasn't found the meaning of her life. She's still learning to trust the five boys she has always known as bullies. Now that her family is all dead, in jail, or hates her guts she has to turn to someone. Who will it be?


10. Chapter 10

Louis's POV

I'm still not sure if there really is nothing going on with Carter and Logan. She doesn't seem that upset in front of him but then she decided she needed to take a walk. I cant help but feel like someone should go watch her. After all that's happened in the past three weeks alone someone needs to be with her at all times. Even if it is Logan at least someone would be watching... but I don't think anybody else realizes this.

I stand up quickly and make my way to the door. "Where do you think your going?"Liam stops me and I dont bother to tun around to face them.

"Out..." I say and run out the door before anybody can think to stop me. I slow to a walk when I see Carter in front of me. She doesn't know I'm following her and I like it that way. She leads me to the park and she makes her way across to the swings. I look around at the dim street lamps surrounding the park only lighting up parts of it. I feel like I'm a character in a horror movie. The character that is being lured into some sort of death trap. 

I take my seat on a bench a few yards in front of her and only turn around to check on her every few minutes. Time goes by and its been about fifteen minutes since we got here. I look back at her, I want so bad to go hold her in my arms, tell her its going to be okay. She must be so scared and confused. Something interrupts my thoughts. A sound that I've heard plenty of times before. 

I strain my mind to remember the very familiar echo then it hits me. Carter! I turn my head swiftly to face her and i can barely make out the figure behind her holding a firm hand over her mouth. I have to stop myself from running at them. I'm almost positive i know what reason this person is taking her... I think you'll do too and this means they most definitely have weapons. What do I have? My fists?

I watch them closely. The figure pulls her away and Carter struggles in their arms to be free only to get a hard slap across the face. I can hear Carter's moans and I slowly and quietly as ever follow behind them. They lead me to a old, abandoned looking parking lot. The figure carries Carter to a large door at the back and forces her inside. Warehouse, this is the only thing that comes to mind when I think about what this place could be. I make my way to the only window at the place and peer inside. 

There is a fire burning across the large room, and torn leather couch sits backwards against a wall. A ton of cardboard boxes are stacked in columns on the farthest side and they fade into the darkness because beyond that point I cant see but by the size of the building I know there is more. There are plenty of boxes, pipes, and scraps of metal laying around but other than that the place is deserted. Then there is Carter, still laying painfully on the floor from when the person shoved her inside. The figure moved towards her slowly and she backs away. The petrified look on her face makes the shivers return and I stare into the room at them.  

It took everything inside me to keep from beating through the window, beating up and maybe even killing whoever was in there, and saving Carter. I did the only mature thing I could think of before I went insane. I called the boys.

I tapped in the fist number that came to mind... Liam's. After three, more like five hundred, rings his voice sank through the phone.

"WHAT HAPPENED?!" how did he know something was wrong? I couldn't think about this right now.

"Carter! She," what happened exactly? I ask myself then blurt out something. "SHE GOT KIDNAPPED!" I shout back and then remember where I am. 

"Help..." I'm whispering now. "I'm at the old ware-" I'm cut off by a heavy blow at my jaw. The phone drops to the ground instantly and I clutch the bleeding mess. Strong, cold hands grip my arm and force me into the building. I'm thrown to the ground in front of the fire and the figure comes at me. 

"Louis run!" Carter' agonizing voice comes from nowhere. I hesitate but can do nothing more because I'm now face-to-face with... Jacob.

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