Missing Files

Callie King is your average only-child teenager, well, as average as a seventeen year old spy can be. Her parents died on a mission when Callie was only fourteen. Her aunt decided to take over the Qualcomm Academy for Exceptionally Young Women. Callie and her two friends, Michelle Bennet and Natalie Schild, go on adventures, solving stories for the FBI, and finishing high school all at the same time. But what happens when Callie get's sent on a mission all by herself to inspect a drug dealer? Callie goes farther into examining and finds missing files about this mysterious stranger. What happens when she finds out the unbelievable? Can she keep a secret? Or will everything crumble down?


2. Sometimes I Break

The next morning I was greeted my the bugging sound of my alarm clock. I crack open an eyelid to peek at what time it is. 8:43 a.m. Oh no, I'm late. I feel groggy and tired, but I was forced to get up on a Saturday because we were going to start our new missions today.

I trudge to the bathroom and quickly change into my camouflage suit, brush my hair, and run downstairs to the main hall.

Without me realizing, I suddenly come face to face with a hard and muscular back. I quickly step back, and realize who I ran into. Mr.Etteighnberg.

"Good morning, Callie!" He obviously got a bit too much sleep, he was never this chipper. "I see you are late." Shoot, busted. "But that's alright, the boys' haven't shown up yet." Boys. Boys?


"U-uhmm.." I stutter, not knowing what to say. "That's just... g-great. I'm g-gonna go over here..." I quickly walk away, still having that same thought in my head. Boys? What boys?

"CALLIE!" My name boomed from across the hall. I look in that direction to see Michelle walking towards me. "Callie you will never believe who are coming! They're-"

I interrupt her, "Boys. I know boys are coming. But-"

"But what?" She interrupts. "They're from a boys' spy academy, and today they're going to come work on a mission with us! Isn't that just epic?" Epic? No. Awesome? No. Great? No. Good? No. Bad? Yes.

"Natalie, listen, why is this so epic? I mean, we're obviously better than them-" I stop myself from going on. Did I really just say that?

Natalie's smile faded away a bit. "Really, Cal? Don't act like that. These are boys we are talking about. BOYS. With cute hair, dreamy eyes, high cheekbones, sweet words, and-"

"Stop. I don't want you to go any further. This is just for a mission, let's just do it and-" I was interrupted by doors opening and closing. Before I knew it, boys were crowding the halls. Oh boy, here we go.


"All right ladies," Mr.Groth looks around, "and gentlemen. Today you are going to be paired up with each other, and you'll be given a map. Every single team will receive a different map. This map will lead you to a quarter with a specific date on it. Once you find it, you are to retrieve it, and bring it back to me. Also, you are to not be seen by any civilians, or caught by guys in black suits. Now let's get paired up."

I wait in the back with Natalie and Michelle, trying to hear my name and who my partner is going to be.

"...Michelle Bennet with Cole Christopher..." Mr.Groth continues.

Michelle steps away from us and finds her partner. They walk off together, but right before the leave, she turns back slightly and I see her give us a thumbs up. Oh, Michelle.

"...Natalie Schild with Tyler Undertail..."

Next to me I can hear Natalie faintly giggle, then she slips away from me, and I'm left by myself and a couple of other girls.

"...Callie King with Lincoln Henderson..." Mr.Groth continues still.

I walk up to Mr.Etteighnberg and retrieve a map as I spot a boy taller than me walk up to me. "Are you Callie?" His voice was deep. A sexy deep.

Callie shut up! Your on a mission, focus.

"Yes, I'm Callie, and I'm guessing your Lincoln?" I smile.

He smiles back. Oh gosh, he has perfect teeth. "Ding ding ding! We have a winner!"

I can't help it and I break out in a small giggle. It wasn't even that funny. "Alright let's head off."

I start walking in the direction the map tells me, going behind buildings and through allies, with Lincoln right behind me.

I hear footsteps coming towards us, so I grab his hand, and quickly hide behind a dumpster. When we're behind there, we don't speak, or even make eye contact, but we still don't let go of each others' hands.

I don't want to. His hand is warm and soft, and occasionally squeezes mine in a sweet gesture. And I have the nerve to squeeze back.

Oh gosh.

What's happening to me?


Hi guys! It's DancerbyHeart here! And I'm excited to keep publishing. I know it's not perfect, but if you have any feedback, I would love it! If you also have a movella you would like me to read, I'd be more than happy to read it! I'm just getting started, so let's have some fun!(:



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