Missing Files

Callie King is your average only-child teenager, well, as average as a seventeen year old spy can be. Her parents died on a mission when Callie was only fourteen. Her aunt decided to take over the Qualcomm Academy for Exceptionally Young Women. Callie and her two friends, Michelle Bennet and Natalie Schild, go on adventures, solving stories for the FBI, and finishing high school all at the same time. But what happens when Callie get's sent on a mission all by herself to inspect a drug dealer? Callie goes farther into examining and finds missing files about this mysterious stranger. What happens when she finds out the unbelievable? Can she keep a secret? Or will everything crumble down?


3. It's Permanent

Eventually, Lincoln and I pass the civilians that were coming, and continue moving forward in silence.

When I look down at the map, I'm more confused then ever. I stop in my tracks, just to have Lincoln run right into me.

He looks over my shoulder to observe that map, when I hear him chuckle. "Hey, um, Callie?" Lincoln breaks the silence.


"You're holding the map upside down." He snickers.

I look down to find that I was truly holding the map upside down. I turn away from him as I feel my face heat up.

I turn back so I'm facing him. "Y-yeah, I guess I was." I shove the map into his chest with such force, he stumbles backwards. "Here. You take the map."

He smirks. "Jeez, be easy in the chest area, it's all muscle right there."

I glare at him. He thinks he's so funny.

"Alright," he studies the map for a second then turns back to me, "it seems we have to go through that park over there, then under the bridge, and we need to head over to a forest after that, and then we should be around the place where the coin is."

"Cool. Let's roll." I say.

Lincoln stealthily leads the way, as I quietly trot behind. We come close to the park without being seen, but close enough to spot a bridge in the far out distance.

"See it?" I whisper.

He responds with a barely audible yeah, and we sneak down to the bridge. Once we get there, we hide under it, and look around for a forest.

I spot it quickly. "Over hear!" I sprint to the forest, when I was stopped in my tracks by a hand coming over my mouth.

"Shhhh." I hear Lincoln whisper in my ear. "They're still out there, waiting to take us at any moment, we can't stomp around or sprint anywhere, we got to take it slow and stealthily. Capeesh?"

I nod my head, and he let's go of my mouth. "But-" I was interrupted my small footsteps getting louder and louder near us. Without even thinking, we dive into a small bush that was close to us.

Lincoln was only a few inches away from me, if I neared just a bit closer to him, I would kiss him. My breath quickens as those thoughts travel into my head.

But those thoughts quickly leave as I see a pair of black shiny shoes come only a few feet away from where we were hiding. I hold my breath, and pray he doesn't find us.

My prayer was eventually answered as the shoes got farther and farther away from us. Without even thinking, I stood up quickly to get some fresh air, and on the corner of my eye, I saw him.

A guy in a black suit.

Looking at me, ready to capture me.

I sprint in the other direction, getting as far away from him as I can. But proving I can't get that far because he grabs my arm firmly, stopping me from going any further.

I do the only thing I can think of.


I aggressively pull my arm away from his grasp and elbow him in the nose.

"ARG!" The man grunts oddly familiarly. Oh no. I look a bit closer to find out it was Mr.Leonard.

"Mr.Leonard, I'm so sorry! I didn't realize it was you!" I plead, hoping I don't get into too much trouble.

"It's fine, girly. But you're caught. Let's go." He pulls me alongside him. I look back to the bush, to see Lincoln is gone. Great. I'm gonna get busted while he wins. Yippee.


I was called to my Aunt's office after I was dragged back to the Academy.

I walk slowly to my Aunt's door, and knock two loud times, and one soft knock. I hear a muffled "Come in!" from the other side of the door.

I push the door open to find my Aunt sitting down on her chair reading. She does really like reading.  I address her as usually by saying, "Hi Mrs.King."

She closes her book and lands her eyes on me. She stares at me for so long, it's almost impossible not to squirm. "Please take a seat Ms.King." She called me by my last name, this must be serious.

I sit down on the chair in front of her desk and wait for her to speak.

"So, I hear you got caught on your first mission of the school year?" She smirks at me.

I shrink down a little lower in my seat. "Yes ma'am."

"And may I ask, how was your partner?"

"Erm... h-he's just fine." My cheeks get a bit rosy.

She nods slowly at my response. "Good, good. I would also like to share some good news with you." I stare at her as I wait for her to continue. "You better make friends with those boys, because for every mission now, they will be joining us. Permanently." She smiles wickedly.

"Oh, great." I mumble under my breath.

"What was that, Callie, dear?"

I smile sweetly. "I said that that is a great idea!"

"Very good. Well, run along dear, it's almost time for dunch." Dinner and lunch, great. With those boys, even better! Not.

They'll be working with us. Permanently. This shall be fun.



Hiya there! It's DancerbyHeart, thanks to all who read this! I hope you have some positive thoughts about the book! I know it's not perfect, and it probably won't ever be perfect, this is just for fun. Remember, if you have a movella you would like me to read, comment below! If you also have some suggestions, go ahead and comment those too! I'll add another chapter as soon as possible! Love you all!(:


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