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4. Wild-4

In the morning Madison came to my house as usual so we could walk together to school. She had her hair tied up into a high ponytail and was wearing skinny jeans with an oversized hoodie. I had never seen her like this, but I must say it was my new favorite look. Something about the simplicity of her beauty caught my attention. We had eaten the breakfast that my Mom made me quickly and headed to school.

                On our way there Madison and I made small talk not bringing up the night before. Just as the tension was beginning to go away Dominic showed up.

                “Hey babe.” He smirked.

                “Stay away from her.” I threatened standing protectively in front of her.

Madison didn’t say anything she kept silent. Dominic looked me straight in the eye, and if looks could kill, I’d be dead. Just as I thought he was going to hit me the bell rang, and he growled out of annoyance.

                “You’ll have what’s coming to ya Horan.” He said then walked away.

I walked to class, still pissed about what had just happened. When lunch time came, Madison was at a different table with her group of friends, and Dominic was nowhere in sight. I was still a bit pissed about earlier so I decided to skip lunch and just exited the cafeteria and headed to the court yard. I walked in seeing no one in sight, until I heard someone behind me.

                “Hey Horan.” I turned to see Dominic and a group of friends.

                “Fuck off Dominic” I spat.

The next actions were a blur; somehow I ended up on the ground with Dominic on top of me. His friends stood back to watch for teachers I guess. He took a swing to my jaw, ‘crack’ another blow.. three.. four.. and one to my nose. I was too taken off guard to do anything and by the time I realized what was going on I was half conscious. My head was killing me, I’m pretty certain he smashed my head on the concrete when he knocked me down. Blood spilled out of me taking over all of my senses, except one. I heard sobbing and shouting but couldn’t quite point out who or what it was. Instead of trying to figure it out I let my drowsy state take over and fell in to unconsciousness.

[Madison’s POV]

                I wasn’t really in the mood for socializing today after what had happened last night. Not to mention Niall kissed me? That was quite out of character, and took me a bit off guard. We haven’t really talked much since last night. Then there was what happened this morning. I was thankful to have Niall, but I also don’t want to get too attached to him, people always leave.

                I decided to go to the court yard to clear my mind. When I got up from my seat I realized Niall wasn’t in his usual spot. He actually wasn’t anywhere to be found, oh well. I walked out of the cafeteria into the hall that connected out to the court yard. In the entrance of the court yard there were two of Dominic’s friends standing there. I heard grunting coming from where they were it sounded quite familiar… Wait Niall… Shit!

                I ran to the court yard pushing through the two idiots covering their psychotic friend. What I saw terrified me; I actually hadn’t been terrified in a while. Niall was on the ground as Dominic threw punches at his jaw. Blood oozed out from his face, I could already tell he was half conscious.  I ran over to Dominic plying him off of my injured best friend. Luckily I had the strength to.

“Are you fucking stupid you’re going to kill him!” I shouted.

I ran over to Niall’s side holding his hand tight, there was no response.

“Come on Ni! Stay with me!” I cried frantically.

Nothing he had already slipped into unconsciousness. 

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