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3. Wild-3

                “Madison? What’s wrong? Are you crying?” I asked concerned.

                “No I’m fine just can you come get me please?”

                “Yeah, sure text me the address.”

I hung up the phone and slid on some grey sweats and a white T-shirt. I quickly scribbled a note in case my Mom woke up and was wondering where I was, I grabbed the keys and headed towards the address that she had sent me. When I pulled up to the place it looked like some night club that she was clearly too young to be at. Madison was sitting on the curb outside, in a short club dress, heals, and makeup running down her face; obviously she wasn’t okay. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her cry.

                I pulled the car up next to her and she stood up she wasn’t drunk but did seem a bit tipsy. She opened the door and stumbled inside into the front seat. She was still sobbing tears running down her face that she’d tried to hide.

                “Thanks.” She mumbled then put on her seat belt.

                “Why are you crying? Did Dominic do something? What happened?” I questioned.

                “Just leave it.”

                “No Madison! I need to know why you called me at 2 AM crying asking me to come pick you up.”

                “No I don’t! I don’t need to answer to anyone!” She raised her voice at me.

I stopped and pulled over getting tired of her stubbornness.

                “What are you doing?” She asked.

                “Yes you do need to answer me or you can walk.”

She didn’t take it much as a threat she unlocked the door and climbed out walking away. I wasn’t actually going to make her walk, shit I’m such and idiot I cursed at myself. I began to idle along at her walking pace and I rolled down my window.

                “Go away Horan” she warned.

                “No, okay I’m sorry that was an ass move if you don’t want to talk about it you don’t have to talk about it just get in the car I’m not letting you walk.”

                She crossed her arms and climbed back in the car, the ride was silent until she turned to me.

                “He cheated on me okay! He wanted me to have sex with him and I said no so he found someone else to have sex with! Is that what you wanted to hear?” She began sobbing into her hands again.

                “You were right okay.” She sniffled.

                “Madison…I’m..I...” I was at loss for words.

                “Save it”

                “No really I’m sorry; I didn’t want to be right.”

                “You know what the stupid thing is! Is that everyone warned me! They all fucking told me this would happen and I didn’t listen! He told me he loved me and I fucking believed it!” She yelled pounding her fist on the dashboard. By this time we were parked in her driveway, she began to sob again and I grabbed her trying to comfort her.

                “It’s okay, you’re not stupid, it’s a human mistake.”

                “Yes I am, I know better than to fall for shit like that.” I said kissing her cheek.

I stiffened at my action and so did she, I pulled away from her and we both straightened are selves up.

                “Thanks for picking me up, I better go.” She said letting herself out of the car.

I laid my head on the steering wheel. Why did I just kiss her, I’m so stupid. Now she’s going to think that I like her. BUT I DON’T.

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