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2. Wild-2

After that day Madison and I were attached at the hip, I don’t really know why or how it happened. We just seemed to understand something about each other that no one else seemed to. Madison told me more than what she told most people, but there were still so many secrets so much I didn’t know.

                After we became friends Madison seemed to soften up a bit, not completely, don’t get me wrong she was still a total bitch. But now she actually befriended people and one thing was she actually started dating. As of now Madison was dating this guy named Dominic, he was your typical Jock. He was captain of the football team and just like how every guy wanted Madison every girl wanted him. It was actually kind of sickening how stereotypical their relationship was, but it wasn’t up to me.

                Madison and I never really hung out at school; it wasn’t that we were embarrassed of each other; it was just more that we were both in such different social scenes. Everyone knew about Madison and my friendship; they just didn’t think anything of it.

                I was at lunch it was sophomore year and I was sitting at my usual spot with the same friends; Madison was sitting at the same table with her perfect boyfriend and perfect friends. My friends were rambling on about some band that was playing tonight, while I just observed people. I wonder if people found it creepy that I just watched everyone. I wasn’t being weird or anything I just studied their behavior, it was interesting to me. While observing people I came across something that seemed weird to me, I noticed Dominic winking at this bimbo blonde named Lexi. It was strange, but it was also none of my business so I just shook it off.

                After school I waited at the front steps as I usually did to walk home with Madison; that’s another thing we found out was that we lived close to each other. She was kissing and hugging all over Dominic and it made me sick, so I just turned my head and waited for her. When she finally finished up she walked over to me and flaunted her hand in front of me. I noticed a sparkly ring on her ring finger and I’m pretty sure my heart dropped down into my stomach.

                “What is that!? Are you engaged! What the hell?!” I questioned angrily.

                “No you idiot! It’s a promise ring Dominic gave it to me.” She said annoyed.

                “Oh.” I said still a bit pissed off.

                “What?” She said looking at me as we continued to walk home.


                “Don’t be a little bitch just say it.” She said annoyed.

                “Nothing, it’s just that usually guys give those to girls when they want to get in their pants” I shrugged.

                “Dominic isn’t like that! He loves me.” She defended him.

                “Okay I was just saying.” I put my hands up in defense.

When we arrived at my house, both Madison and I walked into the kitchen where my Mom was. She was making cookies and all kinds of snacks.

                “Hi Ms.Horan!” Madison greeted.

                “Hello Madison, oh what’s that!” My Mom said noticing her promise ring

                “It’s a promise ring, Dominic got it for me.” She said admiring the ring on her finger.

                “Well that’s very nice!”

                Madison had left and I finished my studies. She said she was going to spend the night out with Dominic. I didn’t like that guy I had told Lou about it, he thinks I’m jealous, but that’s ridiculous. I may have liked her at one point, but I don’t anymore, do I? Anyways I decided to get some rest since I had nothing better to do. As soon as I laid my head on the pillow it seemed my alarm was already going off. Wait that wasn’t my alarm it was my phone buzzing away at 2 in the morning.

                I grabbed the phone and the screen lit up with Madison’s name.

                “Hello.” I said still drowsy. All I heard was sobbing on the other end.

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