MINE (16+)

“The day you came into my life, is the day you became MINE.”

(WARNING: This Movella will contain drugs, prostitution, and heavy language..)


1. Prologue

Paige Collins learned the hard way that for some moments, there are no take-backs, no rewinds, and no do-overs. Last year, her world crashed. She’s been running ever since. She doesn’t want to feel. She doesn’t want to remember. She’s living in a life that has become unrecognizable.


Harry Styles is a golden boy with a cocky smile, a member in a world famous boyband, and an attitude to match. He’s grown accustomed to girls throwing themselves at his feet, but when Paige literally falls at his feet, she’s not at all what he expects. Difficult, damaged, and closed-off. He knows he should stay away but he’s drawn to her in a way that he can’t actually explain.

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