MINE (16+)

“The day you came into my life, is the day you became MINE.”

(WARNING: This Movella will contain drugs, prostitution, and heavy language..)


5. Pretty Boy

               I looked up at the boy, shielding my eyes from the sun to get a better look at him. I pushed myself to my feet and looked at him. "Didn't want to help a girl up?" I snapped. He said nothing, just stared at me. "Well, clearly I disgust you so, fuck you too." I said turning away. "Excuse me?" He said in disbelief. I turned around and glared at him. "You heard me.. but I forgot, snobs don't mix well with us working class people." I said, rolling my eyes.

              I saw a blonde girl come and latch onto the boy, but he quickly shook her arm from his grip. "Not now Becca." He said. "I'm dealing with someone." "Who? Her?" She said disgustedly. "As a matter of fact, beach blond bimbo, he is." I said. "How dare you say that to me!" She gasped. He let out a laugh and shook his head. "Do you even know who I am?" He asked. "No, but frankly I don't give a shit." I snapped. "Harry Styles." He said sticking out his hand. "No thanks." I said staring at his hand.

            "Look whore, he's Harry Styles from One Direction. I think you owe him respect." The bimbo said. "Me? Owe him respect? Hell fucking no." I scoffed. The girl started spilling threats at me while pretty boy stood there with a cocky smirk on his face. "Well, I don't care about your bullshit bitch." I said as she finished rambling.

             Also, by now we must've drawn the largest crowd. Paparazzi and people everywhere surrounding us. "Ugh Harry, why are we even wasting time here?" She groaned. "Go sit in the car Becca, cause I'm not leaving til I get her name." Harry said. "Look pretty boy, I'm not wasting my time here so goodbye and I hope I never see you again." I said walking away, pushing past the paparazzi.

              I walked back to my place and saw Jake waiting for me. "What the hell happened?" Jake asked worried. "Well, I got chased by Mason and some other guy cause I didn't have the money for the drugs." I sighed. "Then what?" He asked. "Then I ran into some douchebag named Harry Styles. He claims hes from 'One Direction', I don't know but he was a cocky ass son of a bitch." I rolled my eyes. "Jesus, why do you have to use so much language?" Jake said shaking his head. "Why do you have to breathe?" I teased. "Anyway, that's not the point.. you're all over the news." He said. "Ohh I'm famous!!" I said rolling my eyes. "No, it's not good.. you're receiving a lot of bad things said about you." He said. "And?" I shrugged. "I don't care what others say about me." "Oh well.." Jake sighed. "What Jake? Do you want me to be worried?" I asked. "No.. I'm saying you have opportunities."


(A/N: Sorry for the sucky chapter.. I'm trying to keep up writing and school, but hopefully you like this one!! <3 Kenzie xx)

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