MINE (16+)

“The day you came into my life, is the day you became MINE.”

(WARNING: This Movella will contain drugs, prostitution, and heavy language..)


2. Morning Routine

          "Day 378 of living on the streets." I muttered, sitting up and stretching as I wake up from a terrible sleep. I pushed myself to my feet and groaned, my bones aching from sleeping on a fire escape. You see, I was evicted from my home last year after I got arrested for doing drugs. Yeah, drugs. That shit is addictive y'know. You're probably wondering, did I learn my lesson? Hell no. I still have my dealers and I manage to scrape up some money together from my prostitution to pay for them. So yeah, I do drugs, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

          I threw on a t-shirt and some shorts I had laying around and climbed off of the fire escape, making my way to the small convenience store down the street. "Hey, hey Paige!!" I heard a familiar voice say. I turned around to see my bestfriend Jacob following me. "Hey Jake." I smiled. "How's my girl?" He said slinging his arm around my neck as we continue to walk. "Alright." I shrugged. "Just going to the shop." I added. "Going to steal some breakfast, huh?" He laughed. "Hey, I'm hungry." I said, elbowing him in the ribs. "Dammit Paige, that hurt!!" He said pushing me playfully."Oh well." I laughed. "Plus, I was only going to see if I could tag along." Jake said. "Well come on then!" I said, jogging into the store. 

         I walked down the isle and looked over the breakfast section, looking around to see if anyone was looking before grabbing a honeybun and shoving it in my jacket. "Fatty!" I heard Jake say in a hushed whisper. I gave him the finger before grabbing three granola bars, shoving them in my jacket aswell. I walked over to the drinks and grabbed a small bottle of water, looking and seeing a cashier watch me. "Shit." I mumbled. I walked past Jake nonchalantly. "Watch out." I whispered as he nodded.

          I headed towards the door as I hear someone shout. "Hey you!! Get back here!!" I smirked and ran out of the store as fast as I could, not knowing if Jake was behind me. I pushed past people on the busy sidewalk, hearing the man's shouts become distant. I turned the corner into an ally to catch my breath, sliding down the brick wall and pulling out my food.

          I opened my wrapper to my honey bun as I see Jake walk by. "Hey asshole, over here!" I shouted, taking a bite of my honeybun. I saw him laugh as he turned around, walking into the ally aswell. "Damn you! You left me there to choke.. I had to punch the man to get out!" He said sitting next to me. "You should've been more alert." I shrugged. "Yeah, well I'm sorry not everyone is so expirienced  in stealing like you." He laughed. "I guess I'll have to teach you my ways." I said. He laughed and nodded as we finished the rest of our breakfast in quiet.


(Hey guys!! I was kind of experimenting with this fanfiction, so tell me if you think I should continue or not!! <3 Kenzie xx)

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